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Listening Master 영어듣기 40회 답지 정답


Academic year: 2021

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M May I have your attention, please? This is Kobe Bryant from the Lake Tenam Management Office. Recently, as the weather has begun to warm up, reports of various forms of illegal fishing have increased drastically. Our office has taken this into account seriously because of the severe environmental, economic, and social impacts illegal fishing can have. After the consultative meeting held on last Friday, a consensus on banning fishing was reached. A one-month ban on any types of fishing will take place from September 14 to October 13. I’m sorry for the inconveniences this might cause, but I’m sure this measure will help protect the lake and replenish the decreasing stock of fishes in Lake Tenam. Thank you.

남 주목해주시겠습니까?저는Tenam호수관리사무소의KobeBryant입니다.최 근날씨가따뜻해지기시작하면서다양한형태의불법낚시보고가급증하고있습 니다.우리사무소에서는불법낚시가가질수있는심각한환경적,경제적,그리고 사회적영향때문에이를진지하게고려해왔습니다.지난금요일에열린자문회의 이후낚시금지에대한합의가이루어졌습니다.모든형태의낚시에대한1개월간 의금지령이9월14일부터10월13일까지시행됩니다.이것이야기할수도있는 모든불편에대해사과드립니다.하지만이조치가호수를보호하고Tenam호수에 서감소하는어류의양을보충하는데도움이될것이라고확신합니다.감사합니다. Solution 남자는Tenam호수에서의불법낚시가심각하여1개월간낚시가금지됨을알리고있 으므로,남자가하는말의목적으로가장적절한것은①이다. Words

warm up 따뜻해지다illegal 불법의drastically 급격하게

take ~ into account ~을고려하다consultative meeting 자문회의 consensus 합의ban 금지(령)replenish 보충하다



W Hey, Wilson. Did you have lunch?

M No, I didn’t. I was so busy preparing for this afternoon’s presentation.

W Oh, you’d better eat something before the presentation. Why don’t you have some of these tomatoes?

M Thanks, but I don’t like tomatoes very much. Honestly, they don’t taste very good.

W Well, do you know that tomatoes are full of nutrients?

M I think I’ve heard that before.

W For example, tomatoes are a great source of vitamins such as vitamin A, which supports immunity, vision, and skin health.

M Really? What else?

W Tomatoes are also effective in reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

M Wow, hearing all of this, I feel like I should be eating them to be healthy.

W Exactly. Have some for your health. I’m sure you’ll come to like them. M Thanks, Tina. 여 안녕,Wilson.점심먹었니? 남 아니,안먹었어.오늘오후발표를준비하느라너무바빴거든. 여 아,발표전에무언가를먹는것이좋을거야.이토마토를좀먹겠니? 남 고맙지만나는토마토를별로좋아하지않아.솔직히그것들은맛이별로야. 여 음,토마토에영양소가가득하다는것을알고있니? 남 그말을전에들어본것같아. 여 예를들어,토마토는면역력,시력,그리고피부건강에도움이되는비타민A와같 은비타민들의훌륭한공급원이야. 남 그래?또다른것은? 여 토마토는또한심장병과당뇨병의위험을줄이는데효과적이지. 남 와,이모든것을듣고나니건강해지기위해그것들을먹어야할것같아. 여 맞아.네건강을위해좀먹어.너는분명히그것들을좋아하게될거야. 남 고마워,Tina. Solution 여자는토마토가영양소와비타민도많고심장병과당뇨병에걸릴위험성도줄여주니 건강을위해그것을먹어보라고남자에게권하고있다.따라서여자의의견으로가장 적절한것은②이다. Words

presentation 발표nutrient 영양소source 원천immunity 면역력 vision 시력diabetes 당뇨병



M Good morning, Ms. Anderson. Long time no see.

W Hello, Mr. Brown. I went on a business trip for about a month and came back last week.

M That’s why you didn’t come to pick up your coat.

W I’m sorry. I was going to pick it up before I left, but I forgot.

M That’s okay. Wait a minute, please. [Pause] Here you are.

W Wow, all the stains are gone. Thank you very much.

M No problem. Do you need anything else?

W Yes. How long would it take for you to wash these sneakers?

M About two or three days.

W Could I have them by early Friday morning? I have to attend my daughter’s school sports day in sneakers on Friday.

M Okay. I’ll get to them as soon as I can.

W Thank you, Mr. Brown. Have a good day!

M You too. 남 좋은아침입니다,Anderson씨.오랜만이에요. 여 안녕하세요,Brown씨.저는한달정도출장을갔다가지난주에돌아왔습니다. 남 그래서코트를찾으러오지않으셨던거군요. 여 죄송해요.제가떠나기전에찾아가려고했는데잊어버렸어요. 남 괜찮습니다.잠시만요.[잠시후]여기있습니다. 여 와,모든얼룩이사라졌네요.정말감사합니다. 남 별말씀을요.다른필요한것이있으신가요? 여 네.이운동화를세탁하는데얼마나걸릴까요? 남 이틀에서사흘정도요. 여 제가그것을금요일아침일찍찾을수있을까요?금요일에운동화를신고제딸의 학교운동회에참석해야해서요. 남 그럼요.최대한빨리해놓겠습니다. 여 감사합니다,Brown씨.좋은하루보내세요! 남 손님도요. Solution 오래전에맡긴코트를찾으러온여자가남자에게운동화세탁을맡기면서금요일아 침일찍찾을수있게해달라고부탁하고있으므로,두사람의관계를가장잘나타낸 것은②이다. Words

business trip 출장stain 얼룩sneakers 운동화attend 참석하다



W Jake, is that your photo album?

M Hi, Julie. Yeah, these are photos taken at the beach last summer.

W This is a nice parasol!


W I see. Your parents are sitting under the parasol, aren’t they?

M Yeah. It was so bright that they were wearing sunglasses.

W And you brought some beverages in the cooler. It must have been very hot.

M You’re right. We really needed cold beverages not to get dehydrated.

W And a swan-shaped pool float is so cute.

M That’s my sister’s. What do you think of the sandcastle next to the pool float? I made it myself.

W You did? It’s a masterpiece!

M Thanks. It was very sad that I had to take it down before we left.

W Haha, I understand. It looks like you had a good time with your family.

M I wish I could go there again. 여 Jake,그것은네사진앨범이니? 남 안녕,Julie.응,지난여름에해변에서찍은사진들이야. 여 이것은멋진파라솔이구나! 남 아빠가그것을대여점에서빌리셨어. 여 그렇구나.너의부모님께서파라솔아래에앉아계시는구나,맞지? 남 응.너무눈이부셔서그분들은선글라스를끼고계셔. 여 그리고너는아이스박스에음료수를좀가져갔구나.틀림없이아주더웠을테니까. 남 맞아.탈수증상이일어나지않기위해차가운음료수들이정말필요했어. 여 그리고백조모양의튜브가아주귀엽네. 남 그것은내여동생거야.튜브옆에있는모래성은어때?내가그것을직접만들었어. 여 그랬어?걸작이네! 남 고마워.우리가떠나기전에그것을허물어야되어서너무슬펐어. 여 하하,이해해.네가가족과즐거운시간을보냈던것같구나. 남 그곳에또갈수있으면좋겠어. Solution 백조모양의튜브가귀엽다고했는데그림에는상어모양의튜브가있으므로,대화의내 용과일치하지않는것은④이다. Words

parasol 파라솔,양산rental shop 대여점

get dehydrated 탈수증상이일어나다pool float (물놀이용)튜브 sandcastle 모래성



M What are you doing, Melissa?

W I need to take an online class, but the computer monitor won’t turn on.

M Did you check if the power cord is connected properly?

W Actually that’s what I was about to do. The monitor worked well last night.

M Let me check. [Pause] There we go. I guess there was a problem

with the adapter.

W Oh, thank you, Dad. [Pause] Oh! The monitor is off again.

M Hmm, I think we need a new adapter.

W Yeah, is there another one in the house?

M No. I’ll go to the store and get you a new one.

W Thanks a lot, Dad. Is there anything I can help you with?

M Since your mom is busy washing the dishes, can you help your little sister brush her teeth?

W Sure. I can do that. 남 무엇을하고있니,Melissa? 여 온라인수업을들어야하는데,컴퓨터모니터가켜지질않아요. 남 전원선이제대로연결되어있는지확인해봤니? 여 사실은제가해보려던일이그거예요.어젯밤에는모니터가작동이잘됐거든요. 남 내가확인해볼게.[잠시후]됐어.어댑터에문제가있었던것같구나. 여 오,고마워요,아빠.[잠시후]아!모니터가다시꺼졌어요. 남 음,새어댑터가필요한것같아. 여 네,집에다른것이있나요? 남 아니.내가상점에가서새것을사다줄게. 여 정말감사해요,아빠.제가도와드릴일이있나요? 남 엄마가설거지하느라바쁘시니까,네여동생이양치질하는것을도와주겠니? 여 그럼요.할수있어요. Solution 남자가작동이되지않는모니터때문에새어댑터를사러가는동안여자에게여동생 이양치질하는것을도와주라고하자그렇게하겠다고했으므로,여자가할일로가장 적절한것은⑤이다. Words

turn on ~을켜다,켜지다properly 제대로adapter 어댑터



M Excuse me, ma’am. I’m looking for a children’s book series called Rainbow Magic. Do you have those books?

W Yes. Are you looking for new books or second-hand ones?

M Hmm, is there a big difference in the price?

W A new set of books is $300, and a used set is 30 percent off.

M That is a big difference. Can I see the condition of the used books?

W Sure, come this way. They’re as good as the new ones.

M [Pause] They really are. I’ll just buy this second-hand set.

W Okay. Do you need anything else?

M Could you send these books to my nephew who lives in Wellington?

W Sure, but you have to pay an additional $5 for delivery.

M No problem. Here is my credit card.

W Thank you. Please write down the address here.

남 실례합니다, 부인. ‘RainbowMagic’이라는 동화책 시리즈를 찾고 있는데요. 그 책들이있으신가요? 여 네.새책을찾으시나요,아니면중고책을찾으시나요? 남 음,가격에큰차이가있나요? 여 새책세트는300달러이고,중고세트는30퍼센트할인됩니다. 남 차이가크네요.중고책의상태를볼수있을까요? 여 물론이죠,이쪽으로오세요.그것은새것만큼상태가좋습니다. 남 [잠시후]정말그렇네요.그냥이중고세트를사겠습니다. 여 네.다른필요한것이있으신가요? 남 Wellington에사는제조카에게이책을보내주실수있나요? 여 그럼요,그런데배송을위해5달러를추가로지불하셔야합니다. 남 그럴게요.제신용카드여기있습니다. 여 고맙습니다.이곳에주소를적어주세요. Solution 남자는300달러에서30퍼센트할인되는중고책세트를구입하고조카에게배송을부 탁하면서추가비용5달러를내야하므로,남자가지불할금액은②‘$215’이다. Words

second-hand 중고의used 중고의condition 상태nephew 조카



W Hello, Mr. Davis. You got off work early today.

M Hello, Ms. Hanson. I left work a little early cause I’m not feeling well.

W Are you okay?

M I feel like I’m coming down with a cold, but I’ll be fine if I take a rest. How is Mr. Hanson?

W He’s got a lot better since the operation, so he’ll be able to go back to work soon.

M That’s good news! By the way, I’m moving to Boston next week.

W Really?

M I’m going to graduate school in Boston to get a master’s degree.

W Wow! That must have been a tough decision.

M Yeah, but I decided to do what I really want before it’s too late.

W Absolutely! It’ll be a great opportunity for you.

M Thank you. My parents live here, so I’ll visit them from time to time. So see you later.




W Do you want your children to learn a sport? Then sign them up for this year’s Carondelet Athletics Camp. Our summer camp is a week-long camp starting August 3. The camp is for 6th – 9th graders who want to train with Carondelet coaches, improve their skills, and have fun playing their favorite sports. This year, volleyball and softball have been newly added to the list of sports we offer. The camp will be held at the Carondelet Athletics Gym, right across from the city hall building. The total fee is $350, and we request $100 as a deposit. As spots fill up quickly, we highly recommend that you sign up early. I’m sure your kids will love learning sports the way we teach them. For more information, please contact Adam Drew at 432-555-5167. Thank you.

여 여러분의 자녀가 스포츠를 배우기를 원하시나요? 그러면 아이들을 올해의

CarondeletAthleticsCamp에 등록시키세요. 우리의 여름 캠프는8월3일에 시작하는일주일간의캠프입니다.캠프는Carondelet코치들과훈련하고,기술을 향상시키고,좋아하는스포츠를재미있게즐기려는6~9학년학생들을위한것입니 다.올해,배구와소프트볼이우리가제공하는스포츠목록에새롭게추가되었습니 다.캠프는시청건물바로건너편에있는CarondeletAthletics체육관에서열 릴것입니다.총비용은350달러이며,저희는보증금으로100달러를요청합니다. 자리가빨리차기때문에일찍등록할것을적극적으로권장합니다.여러분의자녀 가저희들이그들을가르치는방식대로운동을배우는것을좋아할것이라고확신 합니다. 더 많은 정보를 위해서는432-555-5167로AdamDrew에게 연락해 주십시오.감사합니다. Solution 캠프가 시청 건물 건너편에 있는CarondeletAthletics 체육관에서 열릴 것이라고 했으므로,일치하지않는것은④이다. Words

improve 향상시키다add 추가하다city hall 시청deposit 보증금 fill up (구멍·자리가)차다



M Amy, do you want to watch a play with me this Saturday or Sunday?

W I’d love to!

M Great. Here’s the list of plays currently at the Toronto Theater. Actually, I’ve already seen What a Day!

W Let’s skip it then.

M Okay. Which day is better for you? I’m fine with either day.

W I’m not available on Sunday evening due to family dinner.

M We have three plays to choose from on Saturday.

W Sure. Hmm, everyone has a different taste, but I think it’s unlikely that the play with a rating under 4.0 is good.

M I agree. Let’s see a play with a rating higher than 4.0.

W Okay. Oh, I know Alexander Hamilton. He was the main actor in another play I saw.

M Did you like him?

W Frankly speaking, I didn’t like his exaggerated acting.

M Okay. Let’s watch the other play then. I’ll make a reservation.

W Thanks.

남 Amy,이번토요일이나일요일에나와함께연극을볼래?

여 좋아!

남 잘됐다.현재Toronto극장의연극목록이여기있어.사실나는‘WhataDay!’를 이미봤어. 여 그러면그것은거르자. 남 알겠어.너는어떤날이더좋니?나는어느날이든괜찮아. 여 나는가족식사때문에일요일저녁은시간이안돼. 남 우리는토요일에선택할수있는연극이세편있어. 여 알겠어.음,모두취향이다르기는하지만평점이4.0아래인연극은좋을것같지 않아. 남 동의해.4.0보다높은평점의연극을보자. 여 안녕하세요,Davis씨.오늘은일찍퇴근하셨군요. 남 안녕하세요,Hanson씨.몸이좋지않아서조금일찍퇴근했어요. 여 괜찮으세요? 남 감기에걸린것같은데쉬면괜찮을거예요.Hanson씨는어떠세요? 여 수술이후에훨씬더좋아져서곧다시출근할수있을거예요. 남 좋은소식이네요!그런데,제가다음주에보스턴으로이사를해요. 여 그래요? 남 석사학위를받기위해보스턴에있는대학원에가거든요. 여 와!그것은틀림없이힘든결정이었겠어요. 남 네,하지만너무늦기전에제가정말원하는것을하기로했어요. 여 물론이죠!그것이당신에게아주좋은기회가될거예요. 남 감사합니다.제부모님이여기사셔서,가끔그분들을방문할거예요.그러면나중에 뵐게요. 여 그래요.이사잘하시길바랄게요. Solution 남자는석사학위를받기위해보스턴에있는대학원에다니게되어다음주에보스턴 으로이사를간다고했으므로,남자가이사를하는이유는②이다. Words

get off work 퇴근하다come down with (병에)걸리다operation 수술 graduate school 대학원master’s degree 석사학위



W Hey, David. Are you using a movie streaming service?

M Yes, I’ve been using Movie World since last year.

W I see. Actually I’m using Film Mania, but it drives me crazy because there are so many ads. How do you like Movie World?

M I highly recommend it because there are no ads at all.

W Really? What’s the monthly fee?

M It’s $20 a month.

W That’s quite reasonable. Do you know how many devices Movie World allows you to use simultaneously?

M Five. I think that’s enough for everyone in the family to use at the same time.

W Definitely.

M And as far as I know, if you sign up for Movie World this month, you can get the first month for free.

W Really? I should sign up for it soon then.

M Yes, you should.

여 안녕,David.너는영화스트리밍서비스를이용하고있니? 남 응,작년부터MovieWorld를이용하고있어. 여 그렇구나.사실나는FilmMania를이용중인데광고가너무많아서진짜화가나. MovieWorld는어때? 남 광고가전혀없기때문에그것을적극추천해. 여 그래?월이용료가얼마니? 남 한달에20달러야. 여 꽤합리적인가격이구나.MovieWorld가동시에사용할수있도록하는장치가 몇대인지알고있어? 남 5대야.가족모두가동시에사용하기에충분한것같아. 여 정말그러네. 남 그리고내가아는한,이번달에MovieWorld에가입하면첫한달은무료야. 여 정말?그러면빨리가입해야겠구나. 남 응,그렇게해. Solution 영화스트리밍서비스와관련하여광고포함여부(noadsatall),월이용료($20a

month),동시이용가능기기수(Five),무료서비스기간(thefirstmonthforfree) 은언급했지만제공영화편수는언급하지않았으므로,정답은④이다.


ad 광고(= advertisement)monthly fee 월이용료reasonable 합리적인 device 장치simultaneously 동시에sign up for ~을가입하다




M Hey, Linda. I’ve just heard the news that you were chosen as an exchange student. Congratulations!

W Thanks, Jack.

M When are you leaving?

W I have to leave by the end of the month, which means I have to quit my part-time job at the library.

M Really? Actually, I’m looking for a part-time job.

W Oh, why don’t you apply for the job? You’d work only on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

M That sounds perfect. How can I apply?

W You have to visit the library office and submit an application form

there by this Friday.

M I guess I need to hurry then. Are there any requirements?

W No. But I’m sure that an experienced person is preferred.

M Great. I worked at the library before.

W Really? You should be the perfect candidate for the job then. 남 안녕,Linda.네가교환학생으로선정되었다는소식을막들었어.축하해! 여 고마워,Jack. 남 언제떠나니? 여 이번달말까지는떠나야해서,도서관에서하는시간제일을그만둬야해. 남 정말?실은내가시간제일을찾는중이었거든. 여 오,그일자리에지원하는게어때?월요일과수요일만오후1시부터오후6시까지 일하게돼. 남 그거좋겠구나.어떻게지원할수있니? 여 도서관사무실을방문해서이번주금요일까지지원서를그곳에제출하면돼. 남 그러면내가서둘러야겠구나.필요한자격요건이있니? 여 없어.하지만분명경험이있는사람을선호할거야. 남 잘됐네.나는전에도서관에서일했거든. 여 그래?그러면네가그일자리에딱맞는지원자일거야. Solution 여자가교환학생으로떠나게돼서도서관에서하던시간제일을그만두게되자남자가 그일에지원하고싶다고하면서도서관에서일한경험이있다고했다.따라서이에대 한여자의응답으로가장적절한것은④이다. ①물론이지.외국에서공부하는것은내꿈이었어. ②고마워.그일자리에대한네충고가나에게도움이많이됐어. ③알겠어.다른교환학생프로그램에지원할게. ⑤안타깝게도,그시간제일은지금은가능하지가않아. Words

exchange student 교환학생apply for ~을지원하다submit 제출하다 application form 지원서requirement (자격)요건,요구사항

candidate 지원자



W Hey, Ryan. You’re not taking a break?

M Hi, Mom. I guess I should. I was going to finish this page in an hour, but I couldn’t.

W Is there any problem?

M Well, the problem is math questions in this workbook are too difficult for me.

W Hmm, you bought this book a few days ago, right?

M Yes. I bought this since the workbook I had before was too easy.

W Okay. Let me ask you something. How difficult is this book?

M Quite difficult. It’s hard for me to get half of the questions right.

W Well, then this book doesn’t match with your current level.

M I know. Sometimes, there are even questions I still can’t understand even after reading the explanation of it.

W There seems to be no reason to hold on to this book then.

M Right. I’ll look for another book with questions not so hard. 여 알겠어.오,나는AlexanderHamilton을알아.그는내가봤던다른연극에서주 연이었어. 남 너는그가좋았니? 여 솔직히말하면,나는그의과장된연기가싫었어. 남 알겠어.그러면다른연극을보자.내가예매할게. 여 고마워. Solution 두사람이볼연극을고르면서남자가이미본‘WhataDay!’는제외하고,일요일저 녁에는여자가시간이안되며,평점4.0이넘는것중에서AlexanderHamilton이 출연하지않는작품으로예약을하자고했으므로,두사람이예약할연극은②이다. Words

skip 거르다,생략하다taste 취향unlikely ~일것같지않은 exaggerated 과장된



M Ms. Moore, have you finished reviewing the file I asked for this morning?

W Sorry, I’m doing it now. I didn’t have time because I had an urgent meeting all morning.

M That’s okay. How long do you think it will take?

W Well, I’ll be able to finish it in an hour.

남 Moore씨,오늘아침에제가요청한파일검토가끝났나요? 여 죄송해요,지금그것을하는중입니다.오전내내긴급한회의가있어서시간이없 었어요. 남 괜찮아요.얼마나걸릴것같으세요? 여 음,한시간안으로끝낼수있을거예요. Solution 회의때문에시간이없어서파일검토를이제야하고있다는여자에게남자가끝내려면 얼마나걸릴것같은지물었으므로,이에대한여자의응답으로가장적절한것은④이다. ①맞아요.그파일은겨우5페이지예요. ②아니요.그회의는취소되었어요. ③죄송합니다.그파일이어디에있는지모르겠어요. ⑤네,제가그것을철저하게검토했었어야했어요. Words

review 검토하다urgent 긴급한thoroughly 철저히



W Dad, do you know how to set this alarm clock?

M Let me see. [Pause] Hmm, I’ve never used it before. Don’t you have a manual for this clock?

W I used to, but I think I lost it.

M We can download the manual on the Internet. 여 아빠,이알람시계맞추는방법을아세요? 남 어디보자.[잠시후]음,나는그것을전에써본적이없어.너에게이시계의설명 서가없니? 여 예전에있었는데,그것을잃어버린것같아요 남 인터넷에서설명서를내려받을수있어. Solution 남자는알람시계를맞추는방법을몰라여자에게설명서가없는지묻고이에대해여 자가그것을잃어버린것같다고했으므로,남자의응답으로가장적절한것은③이다. ①그알람시계를어떻게맞추는지보여줄게. ②이시계가이유없이점점느려지고있어. ④나는알람없이일찍일어나는것이어려워. ⑤어떤사람들은설명서를읽는것이시간낭비라고생각해. Words






M Good morning, everybody. Last time, we talked about the danger of consuming too much meat, mentioning fish as an alternative. Some nutritionists recommend eating fish twice a week. Today I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t apply that advice to all fish. For example, according to some environmental groups, bluefin tuna is on the list of threatened species. Besides, they have high levels of mercury, so I recommend not eating this fish at all. The second one is groupers. In addition to their high mercury levels, groupers only reproduce over a short amount of time, making them vulnerable to overfishing. Also, Chilean sea bass, prized for its buttery meat, has been fished to near depletion. Some experts also warn people to avoid eating this fish too often due to high mercury levels. The last one is salmon. Some farmed salmons are being fed fish meal and given antibiotics to combat diseases. It’s true that fish is part of a healthy diet, but please protect your health and the environment by keeping in mind what I’ve talked about today.

남 안녕하세요,여러분.지난시간에,생선을대안으로언급하면서우리는육류를지나 치게많이섭취하는것의위험성에관해이야기했습니다.일부영양학자들은일주 일에두번생선을먹는것을권합니다.저는오늘그조언을모든물고기에적용하 지는 말아야 하는 이유를 말씀드리겠습니다. 예를 들어, 일부 환경 단체에 따르면 참다랑어는멸종위기종목록에있습니다.게다가그것들은수은함량이높기때문 에저는이생선을전혀먹지않는것을권하는바입니다.두번째는그루퍼입니다. 수은수치가높을뿐만아니라그루퍼는짧은시간동안에만번식하므로남획에취 약합니다.또한버터맛이나는고기로유명한칠레농어는거의고갈될정도로어 획되었습니다.몇몇전문가는높은수은수치로인해이생선을너무자주먹는것 을 피하라고 경고하기도 합니다. 마지막은 연어입니다. 일부 양식 연어는 어분(魚 粉)을먹이고질병을퇴치하기위해항생제가투여됩니다.생선이건강한식단의일 부인것은사실이지만,제가오늘이야기한것을기억함으로써여러분의건강과환 경을지켜주시기바랍니다. Solution


남자는생선섭취가육류의대안일수는있지만,일부생선의경우몇가지이유로인해 지나치게섭취하는것이환경과건강에좋지않다고말하고있다.따라서남자가하는 말의주제로가장적절한것은⑤‘특정종류의물고기섭취를피해야하는이유’이다. ①균형잡힌식단의중요성 ②요리하지않고먹어서는안되는생선 ③수질오염이해양생물에게미치는영향 ④멸종위기에처한어종을보호하는방법


catfish(메기)는언급되지않았으므로정답은③이다. Words

consume 먹다;소비하다alternative 대안nutritionist 영양학자,영양사 according to ~에따르면species (생물의)종(種)mercury 수은 reproduce 번식하다,복사하다vulnerable 취약한depletion 고갈,소모 antibiotic 항생제 여 얘,Ryan.너는안쉴거니? 남 아,엄마.쉬어야할것같아요.이페이지를한시간안에끝내려고했었는데,할수 가없었어요. 여 무슨문제가있니? 남 음,문제는이문제집에있는수학문제들이저에게너무어렵다는거예요. 여 흠,너는이책을며칠전에샀지? 남 네.전에가지고있던문제집이너무쉬워서이것을샀거든요. 여 그래.한가지물어볼게.이책이얼마나어렵니? 남 꽤어려워요.제가문제의절반을맞히기가어려워요. 여 음,그러면이책은네현재수준과맞지않아. 남 알고있어요.가끔은그것의설명을읽어도이해가안되는문제들도있어요. 여 그러면이책을계속갖고있을이유가없어보이는구나. 남 맞아요.너무어렵지않은문제들이수록된다른책을찾아볼게요. Solution 남자가 새로 산 수학 문제집이 문제의 절반도 맞히지 못할 정도로 자신에게 어렵다고 하자,여자는그것이남자의수준과맞지않아그책을계속갖고있을이유가없다고 한다.따라서이에대한남자의응답으로가장적절한것은④이다. ①고마워요.공부도중에쉬도록할게요. ②알겠어요.수학에더많은시간을들이는것은나쁜생각이에요. ③죄송해요.새것을사기전에이책을우선끝내도록할게요. ⑤맞아요.효과적으로공부하는법을제수학선생님께여쭤볼게요. Words

workbook 연습문제집current 현재의explanation 설명 hold on to ~을보유하다effectively 효과적으로



W This semester, Ms. Green teaches students about various cultures around the world. As part of the class, Ms. Green asks students to submit a report about unique world cultures. After all the students submit a report, Ms. Green begins to read them. One of her students, Kevin, submits a report about African food culture. Ms. Green discovers that some of the pictures in Kevin’s report are from a famous blog, and she asks Kevin if the blog owner allowed him to use the pictures. When Kevin answers that he didn’t talk to the owner, Ms. Green wants to tell him that he should have asked the owner before using the pictures. In this situation, what would Ms. Green most likely say to Kevin?

Ms. Green You shouldn’t use other people’s pictures without permission. 여 이번학기에Green선생님은학생들에게세계의다양한문화에대해가르친다.수 업의 일부로Green 선생님은 학생들에게 독특한 세계 문화에 관한 보고서를 제 출하라고 요청한다. 모든 학생이 보고서를 제출한 후Green 선생님은 그것을 읽 기시작한다.그녀의학생중한명인Kevin은아프리카음식문화에관한보고서 를제출한다.Green선생님은Kevin의보고서에있는사진중몇장이유명블로 그에서가져온것임을발견하고,Kevin에게그블로그주인이그가사진들을사용 하는것을허락했는지묻는다.Kevin이그주인과이야기하지않았다고대답하자, Green선생님은그가사진들을사용하기전에주인에게물어봤어야했다고말하 고싶다.이상황에서,Green선생님은Kevin에게뭐라고말할것인가? Green 선생님너는허락없이다른사람들의사진을사용해서는안돼. Solution Kevin이 제출한 보고서에 포함된 사진들이 유명 블로그에서 주인의 허락을 받지 않 고 가져온 것임을 알게 된Green 선생님이, 주인에게 허락을 미리 구했어야 했다고 Kevin에게말하려는상황이다.따라서Green선생님이Kevin에게할말로가장적 절한것은⑤이다. ①너는다른국가의문화를존중해야해. ②그블로그에있는모든정보를신뢰하기는어려워. ③우리가그사진을사용하는것을허락해달라고블로그주인에게물어볼게. ④네가마감일전에과제를제출했으면해. Words

semester 학기unique 독특한respect 존중하다assignment 과제 permission 허락,허가


남 하지만문제는제가혼자서그것을하기가쉽지는않을것이라는거예요. 여 음,스터디그룹을조직하는것은어떠니? 남 스터디그룹이요? 여 네가말했듯이,너를도와줄사람이없으면네계획을지키기가어려울거야. 남 네.저에게동기부여를해줄친구들이좀있으면더좋을거예요. 여 바로그거야.그룹구성원들이네가계획을유지하는것을분명히도울수있을거 야.너희들이함께하게되는거지. 남 일리가있네요.저와공부할반친구들이있는지알아볼게요. 여 좋은생각이구나. Solution 단어를 혼자 암기하는 것이 힘들 것 같다는 남자에게 여자는 스터디 그룹을 조직하는 것이도움이될거라고말했으므로,여자의의견으로가장적절한것은④이다. Words

memorize 암기하다organize 조직하다motivated 동기가부여된 stick to ~을지키다,고수하다make sense 말이되다,타당하다


정답⑤ [Cellphone rings.]

M Hello, Ms. Gibson.

W Hi, Mr. Robinson. I’m calling you on your cellphone because I think you’re closed today, right?

M No, the store is open today. I recently changed our day off from Wednesday to Monday.

W I see. I’m just calling to see if the travel book we published last month is selling well or not.

M Our customers really like the book. Actually, I was about to place an additional order today because there aren’t many copies left in stock.

W Oh, good to hear that. How many do you need?

M Could you send me 50 copies?

W Sure. And our company published a new essay written by Kevin Morris. I’ll send some so you can display them in the store.

M Oh, he’s my favorite author!

W Really? Then I’m sure you’ll love it.

M Thanks. I can’t wait to read it. [휴대전화가울린다.] 남 안녕하세요,Gibson씨. 여 안녕하세요,Robinson씨.오늘문을닫으셨을것같아서휴대전화로전화했는데, 맞나요? 남 아닙니다,가게는오늘문을열었습니다.최근에제가휴무일을수요일에서월요일 로바꿨거든요. 여 그렇군요.저는그냥지난달에저희가출간한여행서적이잘판매되는지아닌지를 알아보려고전화를드렸어요. 남 저희고객들이그책을정말좋아합니다.사실,재고가별로없어서오늘추가주문 을하려고했습니다. 여 오,그말을들으니좋군요.얼마나필요하신가요? 남 50부를보내주실수있으세요? 여 물론입니다.그리고KevinMorris가쓴새에세이를저희회사가출간했어요.가 게에진열하실수있게몇권보내드리겠습니다. 남 오,그는제가가장좋아하는작가예요! 여 정말요?그러면분명히그것을좋아하실거예요. 남 감사합니다.어서그것을읽고싶어요. Solution 여자가남자에게전화를걸어지난달에출간한책이잘판매되는지물어보며새로출간 된책을보내주겠다고말했고,남자는여자에게도서를추가로주문하겠다고했으므로 두사람의관계를가장잘나타낸것은⑤이다. Words

day off 휴일publish 출간하다additional 추가의stock 재고 display 전시하다,진열하다



W Bryant, thank you for having me. How lovely your house is!


실전 모의고사





















M Hello, everyone. I’m John Taylor, owner of John’s Steakhouse. First of all, thank you for visiting tonight. It is with deep regret that I must announce that John’s Steakhouse will close next week. John’s Steakhouse has been in business since 2000 and loved by many for

its cozy atmosphere and especially its signature AAA steaks. It’s true that there are different reasons for my decision, but above all, my health doesn’t allow me to stay in business anymore. I want to thank everyone for 20 wonderful years of support. My staff and I loved making good food and most of all serving you! Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy dinner tonight. Thank you.

남 안녕하세요, 여러분. 저는John’sSteakhouse의 소유주JohnTaylor입니다. 우선,오늘밤방문해주셔서감사드립니다.다음주에John’sSteakhouse가폐 업함을알려드리게되어매우유감입니다.John’sSteakhouse는2000년부터 영업을해왔고아늑한분위기와특히시그니처AAA스테이크로많은분께사랑 을받아왔습니다.제결정에다양한이유가있는것이사실이지만,무엇보다도제 건강이제가영업을계속하는것을허락하지않습니다.20년동안의훌륭한지지에 대해모든분께감사드립니다.저의직원들과저는좋은음식을만드는것과무엇보 다도여러분들에게음식을대접하는것이좋았습니다!정말감사드립니다.오늘저 녁식사즐겁게하시기바랍니다.감사합니다. Solution 2000년부터식당을운영해온남자가자신의건강문제로식당을폐업하게되었음을 알리고있으므로,남자가하는말의목적으로가장적절한것은④이다. Words

owner 주인,소유주regret 유감,후회cozy 아늑한,안락한 atmosphere 분위기



W What are you doing, Peter?

M Hi, Mom. I was working on my study plan.

W Oh, can you tell me what your study plan is?

M Sure. I’m thinking of memorizing 20 words a day starting from today.

W That sounds good.

M But the problem is it won’t be easy for me to do it on my own.

W Hmm, how about organizing a study group?

M A study group?

W As you said, it’s going to be hard to keep to your plan if there’s no one to help you.

M Yes. It would be better if I had some friends to keep me motivated.

W Exactly. Group members can definitely help you stick to the plan. You will be in it together.

M That makes sense. I’ll see if any classmates will study with me.

W That’s a good idea. 여 무엇을하고있니,Peter?

남 네,엄마.제공부계획을짜고있었어요.

여 오,너의공부계획이무엇인지내게말해줄수있니?

남 그럼요.오늘부터시작해서하루에단어20개씩암기할생각이에요. 여 괜찮겠구나.


로1시간이넘어요. 남 그래요? 여 아,그런데우리가새배터리를주문해서기존의것을직접교체할수있다고하네요. 남 오,내가그것을할수있어요. 여 알겠어요.내가주문할게요. Solution 서비스센터가멀기때문에두사람은진공청소기의새배터리를주문해서직접교체하 기로했고,여자가주문을하겠다고했으므로여자가할일로가장적절한것은③이다. Words

vacuum cleaner 진공청소기weird 이상한replace 교체하다 by oneself 혼자서place an order 주문하다



M Hello. Welcome to Eastside Beach Club. How can I help you?

W Hi, I’m looking for a dolphin-shaped pool float for my daughter.

M Okay. We have two kinds of dolphin pool floats. Please follow me.

W Okay. [Pause] Oh, they both look cute. How much are they?

M This one is $25, and the bigger one is $35.

W The bigger one looks better. I’ll take it.

M Okay. Anything else?

W Do you have beach towels?

M Sure. Beach towels are $9, but if you buy two, you can get them for $15.

W Great. I’ll buy two beach towels then.

M Okay. Is that all?

W Yes. And I heard if I have an Eastside resident card, I can get 10 percent off the total price.

M Sorry. That promotion ended last month.

W No problem. Here’s my credit card.

남 안녕하세요.EastsideBeachClub에오신것을환영합니다.어떻게도와드릴까 요? 여 안녕하세요,제딸을위한돌고래모양의튜브를찾고있습니다. 남 네.저희는두종류의돌고래튜브가있습니다.저를따라오시죠. 여 네.[잠시후]오,둘다귀여워보이네요.가격이얼마인가요? 남 이것은25달러이고,더큰것은35달러입니다. 여 더큰것이더좋아보이네요.그것으로할게요. 남 알겠습니다.다른것은요? 여 비치타월이있으신가요? 남 물론이죠.비치타월은9달러인데,두개를구매하시면그것들을15달러에구입하 실수있습니다. 여 좋네요.그러면비치타월2개를사겠습니다. 남 알겠습니다.그게다인가요? 여 네.그리고Eastside주민카드가있으면총금액에서10퍼센트할인을받는다고 들었습니다. 남 죄송합니다.그홍보행사는지난달에끝났습니다. 여 괜찮아요.제신용카드여기있습니다. Solution 여자는35달러인돌고래모양의튜브한개와비치타월두개를15달러에구매했고 할인은받을수없다고했으므로,여자가지불할금액은④‘$50’이다. Words resident 거주자,주민promotion 홍보,판촉


정답⑤ [Cellphone rings.] W Hi, Peter.

M Hi, Mary. How was your business trip last month?

W It was great! How’s the preparation going for the new restaurant?

M It’s going as planned. By the way, did you get the text message that the school reunion will be held next month?

W No, I didn’t get it. When is it?

M Thanks, Ellis. Let me show you our yard first.

W Okay. Wow, what a big tree!

M This tree was here even before we built our house. Let’s sit at the table under the tree.

W Okay. [Pause] Wow, it’s nice and cool here. And I like these two long benches. This must be your family’s favorite place.

M Yes. We sometimes have dinner here when the weather is nice.

W That’s why there’s a barbecue next to the table.

M Yeah. I feel like I’m camping whenever I barbecue in the yard with my family.

W I’ll bet. Is that a trampoline next to the barbecue?

M Yes. I bought it for my kids to enjoy.

W I’m sure they love it.

M Well, they are on it almost every day.

여 Bryant,나를데려와줘서고마워.네집이정말멋지구나! 남 고마워,Ellis.먼저우리마당을보여줄게. 여 좋아.와,정말큰나무구나! 남 이나무는우리집을짓기전에도여기있었어.나무아래탁자에앉자. 여 좋아.[잠시후]와,여기는좋고시원하구나.그리고나는이두개의긴벤치가좋 아.이곳이분명네가족이가장좋아하는장소일거야. 남 응.우리는날씨가좋을때가끔여기에서저녁을먹어. 여 그래서탁자옆에바비큐그릴이있구나. 남 응.가족과함께마당에서바비큐를할때마다캠핑을하는것같아. 여 당연히그렇겠네.바비큐그릴옆에있는저것은트램펄린이니? 남 응.내아이들이즐길수있게그것을샀어. 여 분명아이들이좋아하겠구나. 남 음,아이들은거의매일그위에올라가있어. Solution 여자가두개의긴벤치가좋다고했는데그림에는둥근의자네개가있으므로,대화의 내용과일치하지않는것은③이다. Words barbecue 바비큐그릴trampoline 트램펄린



M Honey, our vacuum cleaner is acting weird.

W What’s wrong with it?

M I’ve only been using it for 5 minutes, but it just stopped working. It was definitely fully charged.

W Actually, the same thing happened when I used it the other day.

M I guess it’s time to replace the battery.

W Ah, I remember the store clerk saying that a wireless vacuum cleaner’s battery would only last about two years.

M Okay. Do you know where the service center is? Since today is Saturday, I’ll stop by the service center on Monday.

W I’m not sure. Let me search for it. [Pause] Hmm, the closest service center is more than an hour’s drive.

M Really?

W Ah, but it says we can order a new battery and replace the old one by ourselves.

M Oh, I can do that.

W Okay. Let me place an order. 남 여보,우리청소기가이상하게작동해요. 여 그것에무슨문제가있는데요? 남 겨우5분만사용했는데작동을멈췄어요.분명히완전히충전되어있었거든요. 여 실은지난번에내가사용했을때도같은일이있었어요. 남 배터리를교체해야할때인것같아요. 여 아,상점직원이무선진공청소기배터리는약2년만지속된다고말했던것이기억 나요. 남 알겠어요. 서비스 센터가 어디에 있는지 알고 있어요? 오늘은 토요일이니까 내가 월요일에서비스센터에들를게요. 여 잘모르겠네요.그것을검색해볼게요.[잠시후]음,가장가까운서비스센터가차



StudentsPhotoContest에 관해 주제(schoollife), 접수 방법(sendyour

picturesbyemail), 마감 기한(TheduedateisApril22.), 상품(theywill

receiveafilmcameraasaprize)이언급되었지만심사기준은언급되지않았으 므로,정답은④이다.


theme 주제up to ~까지register for ~에접수하다 deadline 마감기한[일자]prize 상품



W Hello, adventure travelers! If you have a plan to visit Thailand, why don’t you get on your bicycle and experience an exciting adventure in Chiang Mai? The Chiang Mai Cycle Tour will start at 8 a.m. at your hotel in Chiang Mai and end around 5 p.m. back at your hotel. The tour is 18 kilometers on roads that are in good condition, with some short climbs and descents. For tourists, a quality mountain bike and helmet are provided. And a support vehicle will be nearby all the time to help you and provide water and snacks. To reserve a spot,

simply click the ‘Book Now’ link on the tour homepage. All of our available departures for the tour will appear, so just select the date you’d like to travel on. I’m sure you’d enjoy it!

여 안녕하세요, 모험 여행자 여러분! 태국을 방문할 계획이 있다면 자전거를 타고

ChiangMai에서신나는모험을경험해보시는것은어떨까요?ChiangMai사 이클 투어는ChiangMai에 있는 여러분의 호텔에서 오전8시에 출발하여 오후 5시경에여러분의호텔로돌아와서끝납니다.투어는약간의짧은오르막과내리막 이있는상태가좋은도로에서18킬로미터입니다.관광객들을위해좋은품질의산 악자전거와안전모가제공됩니다.그리고지원차량이여러분을돕고물과간식을 제공하기위해항상근처에있을것입니다.자리를예약하시려면투어홈페이지에 서‘지금예약하세요’링크를클릭만하세요.투어의모든가능한출발일이표시될 것이므로,여행하고싶은날짜를선택만하시면됩니다.여러분은분명그것을즐기 게되실것입니다! Solution 지원차량이물과간식을제공하기위해항상근처에있을것이라고했으므로,내용과 일치하지않는것은④이다. Words

adventure 모험descent 내리막,하강quality 고급[양질]의 support 지원,지지departure 출발



M Good morning, ma’am.

W Hi. I’m looking for a cage for my dog due to my flight next month.

M Okay. How big is your dog?

W My dog weighs approximately 20 pounds.

M Then this cage is too small for your dog. Can I ask how much your budget is?

W I want to pay less than $70.

M All right. Then consider one of these models cheaper than $70.

W Okay. Hmm, foldable cages look convenient, but they tend to be less durable, so I don’t want one that folds.

M Then it comes down to these two choices. They have different door types.

W Which one do you recommend?

M The double door is perfect if you have two dogs, but I think the single door would be enough for you.

W That’s what I was thinking. I don’t need a cage with two doors, so I’ll buy this one.

M Good choice! 남 안녕하세요,부인.

여 안녕하세요.다음달제비행때문에저의개를위한우리를찾고있습니다.

M It’s November 7. Can you make it?

W Sure. You’re going, right?

M Actually, I’m not available that day.

W Why not? You’ve never missed a reunion before, except one time due to your knee surgery.

M You’re right. I wish I could go, but I can’t. It’s my 20th wedding anniversary, so I’m having a party with my family.

W Oh, it’s a very important day. Don’t worry. Your friends will understand.

M I’m sure they will. [휴대전화가울린다.] 여 안녕,Peter. 남 안녕,Mary.지난달출장은어땠어? 여 아주좋았어!새식당준비는잘돼가니? 남 계획대로되고있어.그런데동창회가다음달에열린다는문자메시지를받았니? 여 아니,못받았어.그것이언제인데? 남 11월7일이야.갈수있니? 여 물론이지.너는갈거지,맞니? 남 사실,나는그날시간이없어. 여 왜?너는네무릎수술때문에한번빠진것말고는동창회에빠진적이없잖아. 남 네말이맞아.나도가고싶지만20주년결혼기념일이라서가족들과파티를할거 야. 여 오,매우중요한날이구나.걱정하지마.친구들이널이해할거야. 남 그들은분명히그럴거야. Solution 남자는여자에게동창회소식을알리면서자신은11월7일에20주년결혼기념일파티 때문에갈수없다고했으므로,남자가동창회에갈수없는이유로가장적절한것은 ⑤이다. Words

reunion 동창회,모임due to ~때문에surgery 수술 wedding anniversary 결혼기념일



W Paul, did you hear about this year’s Students Photo Contest?

M Oh, has it already been announced? My photo club members have been waiting for that. What is the theme for this year?

W This year’s theme is school life, and you can submit up to three pictures under the theme.

M Good. How can I register for the contest?

W It’s the same as last year. Just send your pictures by email.

M Okay. When is the deadline?

W The due date is April 22. There’s about one month left.

M That’s enough time to prepare.

W I don’t know who the judges are, but I heard three winners will be selected, and they will receive a film camera as a prize.

M Wow, that’s really nice! I should go tell the club members about this.

W Good luck with the contest.

M Thanks.

여 Paul,올해의StudentsPhotoContest에대해들었니?

남 오, 그것이 벌써 발표가 났어? 내 사진 동아리 회원들이 그것을 기다렸거든. 올해 주제는뭐야? 여 올해주제는학교생활이고,그주제에대한사진을세장까지제출할수있어. 남 좋아.대회접수는어떻게하면돼? 여 작년과같아.이메일로사진들을보내기만하면돼. 남 알겠어.마감기한은언제야? 여 마감일은4월22일이야.약한달남았어. 남 준비하기에충분한시간이네. 여 심사위원들이누구인지는모르지만,세명의수상자가선정될거고,상품으로필름 카메라를받게된다고들었어. 남 와,정말좋구나!가서동아리회원들에게이것에대해말해야겠어. 여 대회에서행운을빌게. 남 고마워.


사무실을막나갔다고했으므로,이에대한남자의응답으로가장적절한것은④이다. ①죄송합니다.그의사무실이어디에있는지모르겠네요. ②그래요?그가이미점심식사를했는지몰랐어요. ③물론입니다.그의고객이지금시간이있는지확인해보겠습니다. ⑤맞아요.아주어렸을때부터저희는친구였습니다. Words client 고객available 시간이있는



M Claire, what are you watching?

W It’s a documentary about digital nomads.

M Digital nomads? What are they?

W They’re people who work location-independently by using technologies.

M Hmm, can you be more specific?

W Sure. For example, a woman in this documentary posts her cartoon series on the web to earn money while traveling.

M So she’s a digital nomad because she makes money while traveling.

W Yes. They travel while making money through their online businesses.

M That sounds cool!

W Thanks to telecommunication technologies, they can work from anywhere as long as they’re connected to the Internet.

M So, they need to carry a certain device for the online business, right?

W Exactly. Devices that provide access to the Internet are really important to them.

M I guess digital nomads wouldn’t exist without the Internet.

W Right. New technologies have brought a new way of working. 남 Claire,무엇을보고있니? 여 디지털유목민에관한다큐멘터리야. 남 디지털유목민?그것이뭔데? 여 그들은기술을사용해서장소와관계없이일하는사람들이야. 남 음,더구체적으로말해줄수있니? 여 물론이지.예를들어,이다큐멘터리에나오는한여성은여행중에돈을벌기위해 자신의만화시리즈를인터넷에올려. 남 그래서그녀가여행하면서돈을벌기때문에디지털유목민이구나. 여 응.그들은자신들의온라인사업을통해돈을벌면서여행을해. 남 멋지네! 여 전자통신기술덕분에그들이인터넷에연결되어있는한어디서든일할수있어. 남 그러면그들은온라인사업을위해어떤장치를휴대할필요가있어,맞지? 여 맞아.인터넷접속을제공하는기기들은그들에게정말중요해. 남 디지털유목민은인터넷없이는존재하지않았을것같구나. 여 맞아.새로운기술이새롭게일하는방식을가져왔어. Solution 여자는디지털유목민의예로여행중에만화시리즈를인터넷에올려돈을버는여성 의 예를 들어 설명하자 남자는 인터넷 접속이 가능한 기기가 없다면 그들이 존재하지 않았을것이라고말한다.따라서이에대한여자의응답으로가장적절한것은③이다. ①나는그렇게생각하지않아.혼자여행하는것은그렇게위험하지않아. ②놀랍네.유목민의생활방식은매우창의적이야. ④동의하지않아.집에서보다는사무실에서일하는것이더효율적이야. ⑤걱정하지마.온라인보안서비스가해커들을막아줄거야. Words

nomad 유목민specific 구체적인telecommunication 전자통신 device 기기,장치security 보안



W How are you, Dave? How is your preparation for the midterm exams going?

M Not so good. How about you, Jane?

W I can study well at school, but strangely I can’t concentrate in my room. 남 네.손님의개가얼마나큰가요? 여 저의개는무게가대략20파운드나갑니다. 남 그러면이우리는손님의개에게너무작습니다.예산이얼마나되는지여쭤봐도 될까요? 여 70달러보다적게돈을쓰고싶어요. 남 알겠습니다.그러면70달러보다저렴한이모델들중하나를고려해보세요. 여 그럴게요.음,접히는우리가편리해보이지만,내구성이떨어지는경향이있어서저 는접히는것을원하지않아요. 남 그러면이제이두가지선택이남았군요.그것들은문형태가다릅니다. 여 어느것을추천하시나요? 남 개를두마리가지고있으시면이중문이더좋겠지만,문한개도손님께충분할것 입니다. 여 저도그렇게생각했어요.저는문이두개인우리는필요가없으니,이것을살게요. 남 잘고르셨습니다! Solution 개우리를선택하면서개의무게가20파운드정도이고,예산은70달러미만이며,접 히지않는것중에서문이한개인것으로사겠다고했으므로,여자가구입할우리는 ③이다. Words

foldable 접을수있는flight 비행weigh 무게[체중]가~이다 approximately 대략budget 예산durable 내구성이있는



M Honey, you said you can’t go to Jane’s open class this Friday, right?

W Yeah, I have to go on a business trip that day. I hope you can go there.

M Don’t worry. Do you know what time I have to be there?

W You should be at the school auditorium by 10 a.m.

남 여보,당신이이번주금요일Jane의공개수업에갈수없다고말했죠,맞나요? 여 네,내가그날출장을가야해서요.당신이거기에갈수있으면좋겠어요. 남 걱정말아요.내가몇시에거기에가야하는지알고있나요? 여 학교강당에오전10시까지가야만해요. Solution 딸의공개수업에가기로한남자가여자에게몇시에수업에가야하는지물었으므로, 이에대한여자의응답으로가장적절한것은③이다. ①공개수업은세계역사에관한것일거예요. ②나는출장에서오후5시쯤돌아올거예요. ④Jane은이번주금요일에우리둘다온것을보면기뻐할거예요. ⑤내가그날일정을변경할수있는지확인해볼게요. Words

open class 공개수업auditorium 강당schedule 일정


정답④ [Telephone rings.]

W Bill Lee’s Office. How can I help you?

M Hello, my name is Chris Evans, a friend of Bill Lee. May I speak to him?

W I’m sorry, sir. Mr. Lee has just left the office to have lunch with his client.

M I see. It’d be great if you let him know I called. [전화벨이울린다.]

여 BillLee의사무실입니다.어떻게도와드릴까요?

남 안녕하세요,제이름은ChrisEvans이고BillLee의친구입니다.그와통화할수 있을까요?

여 죄송합니다,선생님.Lee씨는고객과점심식사를하기위해막사무실을나가셨 어요.

남 알겠습니다.제가전화했었다고그에게알려주셨으면합니다.



Solution 동아리회원들이체육대회를준비하면서잘도와주지않아이에대해Jenny가조언을 구하자,Wilson선생님은회원들에게명확한역할을부여하라는제안을하려고한다. 따라서이상황에서Wilson선생님이Jenny에게할말로가장적절한것은④이다. ①너는행사를위한더세부적인계획을세웠어야했어. ②네가체육대회행사를다음달로연기하는것이낫겠어. ③내생각에너는동아리에대한책임감이더필요해. ⑤네문제를다른동아리회원들과의논하는것이어떠니? Words

advisor 지도교사,고문responsibility 책임감involved 관여하는 direct 지시하다assign 부여하다detailed 상세한,세부적인 delay 미루다,연기하다





M Hello, everyone. These days many restaurants are offering delivery services. But you want to make sure you’re feasting on a good meal, right? Here are some foods you should avoid having delivered. The first one is steak. A cold steak delivered would taste similar to

flavorless chicken. If you’re craving a tasty, juicy steak, then light your barbecue and grill one yourself. And when you’re looking for Asian food, rice noodles often come to mind. But they tend to get hard once cooled, so I don’t recommend them. The next one is a smoothie. Not only can your smoothie melt during delivery, but commercial smoothies are not good for your health because they’re very high in sugar. Lastly, if you order onion rings expecting that crispy crunch, you’ll be disappointed. By the time they’re delivered, most of the deep-fried bread crumbs have fallen off, and you’re left with mostly wet, white onions. Of course the food you order will never be the same quality as eating at the restaurant, but take my advice if you wish to avoid a big disappointment.

남 안녕하세요,여러분.요즘많은식당에서배달서비스를제공하고있습니다.하지만 여러분은자신이좋은식사를즐기고있는지확인하고싶습니다.그렇죠?여기배 달하는것을피해야할몇가지음식이있습니다.첫번째는스테이크입니다.배달 된차가운스테이크는맛이없는닭고기와비슷한맛이날것입니다.여러분이맛있 고육즙이많은스테이크를먹고싶다면바비큐에불을붙이고직접하나를구워보 세요.그리고여러분이아시아음식을찾고있을때쌀국수가종종떠오릅니다.하 지만그것들은식으면딱딱해지는경향이있어서저는권하지않습니다.다음것은 스무디입니다.스무디는배달중에녹을수있을뿐만아니라상업용스무디는설탕 함량이매우높기때문에건강에좋지않습니다.마지막으로,바삭바삭하게씹히는 것을기대하면서어니언링을주문하면여러분은실망할것입니다.그것들이배달 될때쯤대부분의튀긴빵가루는떨어지고,거의축축한하얀양파만남습니다.물 론여러분이주문하는음식이식당에서먹는것과절대로똑같은품질은아니겠지 만,크게실망하는일을피하고싶다면제조언을받아들이시기바랍니다. Solution


남자는배달음식서비스가인기가있지만배달을피해야할몇가지음식이있다고 하면서 그것들을 소개하고 있다. 따라서 남자가 하는 말의 주제로 가장 적절한 것은 ③‘배달주문을절대하지말아야할음식’이다. ①패스트푸드섭취가건강에미치는영향 ②식사를한직후에피해야할습관 ④5분이내에요리할수있는집에서만드는음식 ⑤음식배달이인기가있게된이유


배달을피해야할음식으로스테이크,쌀국수,스무디,어니언링이언급되었지만치즈 케이크는언급되지않았으므로,정답은④이다. Words

delivery 배달feast on ~을마음껏먹다flavorless 맛이없는 crave 갈망하다,열망하다commercial 상업적인crispy 바삭바삭한 crumb 빵가루,부스러기fall off 떨어지다

M Is it because it’s not quiet there?

W No. My room is on the 2nd floor and it’s very quiet there, which actually makes it hard for me to study.

M Ah, I got it. I guess you need some white noise in the background.

W White noise? What’s that?

M Usually we think all noises are distracting, but white noise is just the opposite.

W That’s very interesting.

M Some noise actually helps people concentrate.

W I see. I’ve seen people study well in noisy cafes or while listening to music.

M Exactly. You’ll be able to focus better with a little noise. 여 어떻게지내,Dave?중간고사준비는어떻게되고있니? 남 별로야.너는어때,Jane? 여 학교에서는공부가잘되는데,이상하게도내방에서는집중이안돼. 남 그곳이조용하지않아서그런거니? 여 아니야.내방은2층인데그곳이아주조용해서사실내가공부하기가더어려워. 남 아,알겠다.내생각에는너는주위의백색소음이좀필요한것같아. 여 백색소음?그게뭔데? 남 보통우리는모든소음이집중을방해한다고생각하지만,백색소음은그반대야. 여 아주흥미롭구나. 남 약간의소음은실제로사람들이집중하는데도움이돼. 여 그렇구나.나는사람들이시끄러운카페에서나음악을들으면서공부를잘하는것 을본적이있어. 남 맞아.작은소음이있으면너는더잘집중할수있을거야. Solution 자신의방이조용해서오히려집중이잘안된다는여자에게남자가약간의소음은집 중에도움이된다고하자,여자는시끄러운카페에서또는음악을들으면서공부하는 사람을본적이있다고말한다.따라서이에대한남자의응답으로가장적절한것은 ③이다. ①맞아.나는시끄러운곳에서공부하는것이너무힘들어. ②미안해.네가집중할수있게조용히하도록할게. ④아니야.백색소음의어떤좋은예도우리는거의찾을수가없어. ⑤글쎄,공부하면서음악을듣는것이좋은습관은아니야. Words

midterm exam 중간고사strangely 이상하게도distracting 집중을방해하는 opposite 반대(의)keep ~ down ~을낮추다,억제하다



W Jenny is a sports club leader and Mr. Wilson is the school club advisor. Jenny is going to hold a sports day event with her club members. At first, the preparation for the event is going well, but at some point, Jenny feels like she’s doing everything and other members aren’t helping much. Some of them don’t even attend the club meetings saying they’re too busy. So, Jenny asks Mr. Wilson for advice. Mr. Wilson thinks that club members lack responsibility, and to make them more involved, Jenny needs to direct them to do something. So, he wants to suggest Jenny assign clear roles to each member. In this situation, what would Mr. Wilson most likely say to Jenny?

Mr. Wilson Why don’t you give the club members specific jobs to do? 여 Jenny는스포츠동아리의회장이고Wilson선생님은교내동아리지도교사이다. Jenny는자신의동아리회원들과체육대회행사를개최할예정이다.처음에는행 사준비가순조롭게진행되지만,어느순간Jenny는자신이모든일을하고있고 다른회원들은별로돕지않는것처럼느낀다.그들중일부는자신들이너무바쁘 다고하면서동아리회의에도참석하지않는다.그래서Jenny는Wilson선생님께 조언을구한다.Wilson선생님은동아리회원들이책임감이부족하며,그들이더 관여하도록하기위해Jenny가그들에게무언가를하도록지시할필요가있다고 생각한다.그래서그는Jenny가회원들각자에게명확한역할을부여하도록제안 하고싶다.이상황에서,Wilson선생님은Jenny에게뭐라고말할것인가? Wilson 선생님 네가동아리회원들에게해야할구체적인일을주는것이어떠니?


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W You’re going to have back and neck pain, if you sit like that for a long time4. When you’re sitting, it’s very important to keep the back straight, knees bent, and head

If we measure the observable, only eigenvalues of the Hermitian operator can be

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6 A monthly budget is a plan about how much money you are going to spend each month.. 7 Let’s be smart like Jenny by doing

A monthly budget is a plan about how much money you are going to spend

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18 You should take special care when you take selfies in the wild or at high places like these.. 19 A monkey could bite you at any time, or

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A monthly budget is a plan about how much money you are going to spend

I thought 2,000 won would be a good price because I wanted people to know that my bookmarks were special.. Passage Writing

Therefore, his wife suggested changing the background music from fast and loud jazz music to slower and softer

I’d like to extend a warm-hearted[cordial] welcome to you all gathered here to participate in the 2009 ITS World Congress.. On behalf of the Korean government, I bid a

M: But that’s not going to make the grade I got today any better.. ② W: Thank you so much