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Listening Master 영어듣기 20회 답지 정답


Academic year: 2021

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 정답② Script

W Thank you for inviting me to give feedback about my stay at your hotel. Instead of answering all of the questions in your long questionnaire, I’d like to tell you briefly about my stay at your hotel through this message. My stay was quite enjoyable. Especially, your gym and pool were great. They are maintained much cleaner than any other ones found in other hotels. One thing that I’d like to suggest for better service is that your staff should be more aware of the local area. I asked some of them about the local attractions that are nearby, but the answers were not satisfactory. Overall, though, I’d say my stay was extremely pleasant. I’m looking forward to visiting again next summer. 여 제게귀하의호텔에서숙박한소감을전할기회를주셔서감사합니다.귀 하의긴설문지에있는모든질문에답을하는대신에이메시지를통해 간단히호텔에서묵은경험에대해말씀드리고싶습니다.호텔에서묵었 던경험은꽤만족스러웠습니다.특히,헬스장과수영장이훌륭했습니다. 다른호텔에있는다른어떤곳들보다도훨씬더깨끗하게관리가잘되 어있었습니다.더나은서비스를위해한가지제안하고싶은것은직원 들이 주변 지역에 대해 더 많이 알고 있어야 한다는 점입니다. 직원 몇 명에게호텔가까이에있는지역의명소들에대해질문을했지만답변이 만족스럽지못했습니다.그러나전반적으로호텔에서묵었던경험이매 우만족스러웠다고말씀드릴수있습니다.내년여름에도다시방문하고 싶습니다. Solution 호텔에서묵으며느낀점및개선점에대해말하고있으므로,여자가하는말 의목적으로는②가가장적절하다. Words

feedback 의견,반응 questionnaire 설문지 maintain 유지하다

be aware of ~을알다,인지하다 local 지역의

attraction 명소,명물 satisfactory 만족스러운

overall 전반적으로,전체적으로 extremely 매우,극히




M Hello, may I help you find something?

W I’m looking for a diaper bag to store all my baby-care essentials.

M Are you looking for a shoulder bag?

W Not really. I just want something light, stylish and trendy.

M How about this double-loop strap bag with extra pockets?

W I think it’s too big. I don’t think a design like that will ever be fashionable.

M Do you mean it’s not stylish enough? But I highly recommend that you get the additional pockets for your cellphone, camera and baby products.

W Well, I’m going to use it for travel and work as well.

M I think you should think more about function than fashion when it comes to choosing a diaper bag.

W I guess you are right. I think I’ll take that one.

남 안녕하세요,뭐찾으시는거있으세요? 여 제아기용품을모두넣을기저귀가방을찾고있는데요. 남 어깨에메는가방을찾으세요? 여 아니요.그냥뭔가가볍고,모양도예쁘면서유행하는것을원해요. 남 주머니가많은이고리두개짜리가방은어떠세요? 여 이건너무큰데요.이런디자인은결코유행할것같지않아요. 남 이가방의스타일이별로예쁘지않으신가요?하지만저는휴대전화,카 메라와아기용품을넣을수있는주머니가있다는점을강력히추천해 요. 여 글쎄요,저는가방을여행할때와일할때도사용할거예요. 남 제생각에는기저귀가방을고를때는패션보다는기능을더고려해보 셔야할것같습니다. 여 그쪽말이맞는것같아요.그것으로해야겠네요. Solution 기저귀가방을사려는여자에게남자는패션보다기능을더고려해서구매해 야한다고조언하고있으므로,남자의의견으로는③이가장적절하다. Words

diaper bag 기저귀가방 essential (주로pl.)필수적인것 

loop 고리 fashionable 유행의 when it comes to ~에관한




M Hello. May I look around this area?

W Yes, of course. Come on in.

M I’m glad to have the chance to see the school cafeteria where my child eats.

W Let me show you around. Follow me. This is where the meals are prepared.

M The kitchen is very clean. I’m very impressed.

W Thank you. We always take our hygiene and cleanliness very seriously.

M Can I see the ingredients?

W Of course. Our school meals use only eco-friendly ingredients from local farmers.

M The asparagus and broccoli look very fresh.

W Yes. We are strictly selective when it comes to purchasing food ingredients.

M This visit has shown me how much nutritionists care about preparing school meals. Thank you for your hard effort.

W Thank you for saying that.

남 안녕하세요.잠깐둘러봐도될까요?

여 네,물론입니다.들어오세요.

남 제아이가밥을먹는학교식당을볼기회를갖게되어기쁩니다.


비되는곳입니다. 남 주방이깨끗하군요.매우인상적이네요. 여 감사합니다.저희들은항상깨끗한위생과청결에매우신경을쓰고있습 니다. 남 재료들을볼수있을까요? 여 물론입니다.학교급식은오로지지역농부들로부터조달한친환경재료 만을사용합니다. 남 아스파라거스와브로콜리가매우신선해보이네요. 여 네.저희들은식품재료를구매하는데있어엄격하게선별하고있습니다. 남 이번 방문을 통해, 저는 학교 급식을 준비하는 데 영양사분들이 얼마나 신경을쓰시는지를알게되었습니다.수고해주셔서감사합니다. 여 그렇게말씀해주시니감사합니다. Solution 남자는자신의아이가밥을먹는학교식당을볼기회를갖게되어기쁘다고 했고,여자는식당을소개하고식품재료에대해설명하고있으므로,두사람 의관계로가장적절한것은②이다. Words

hygiene 위생 cleanliness 청결 ingredient 재료 selective 선택 적인




W Honey, look at this picture on my phone. My friend decorated her daughter’s room.

M Let me see. Your friend put a desk on the left under the window.

W Yes. Her child can look out the window and relax.

M That’s right. And there are two chairs.

W They are different sizes on purpose. The big one is for my friend so she can help her girl study there.

M That’s a good idea.

W Right. How about the bed decorated with lace on the right?

M Grace will probably like it if we decorate her bed like that.

W I think so too. And how about the globe on the round table in the middle of the room?

M Grace will like that, too. You know, we’re going on our trip to Europe this summer.

W Right. It would be fun to study Europe with a globe before our vacation.

M The star-shaped LED lights on the ceiling are also impressive.

W Let’s get to work decorating Grace’s room right now.

여 여보,내전화기에있는이사진을봐요.내친구가자기딸의방을꾸몄 어요. 남 한번봅시다.당신친구는창문아래왼쪽에책상을놓았군요. 여 네,그녀의아이는창밖을바라보면서쉴수있어요. 남 맞아요.그리고두개의의자가있네요. 여 그것들은의도적으로크기가달라요.큰의자는내친구용인데,거기에서 그녀는아이가공부하는것을도와줄수있어요. 남 좋은생각이군요. 여 맞아요.오른쪽에레이스로장식된침대는어때요? 남 만약우리가Grace의침대를그렇게꾸며주면그애가아마도좋아할 거예요. 여 나도그렇게생각해요.방가운데에있는둥근탁자위의지구본은어때 요? 남 Grace는그것도좋아할거예요.알잖아요,우리는올여름에유럽으로 여행을가니까요. 여 맞아요.방학전에지구본으로유럽을공부하는것도재미있을거예요. 남 천장에별모양의LED전등들또한인상적이네요. 여 지금당장Grace방을꾸며봐요. Solution 대화에서여자는사진속의둥근탁자위의지구본에대해설명하고있는데 그림에서는 직사각형 테이블 위에 있으므로, 대화의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은④이다. Words

decorate 장식하다 on purpose 의도적으로 ceiling 천장




M Excuse me, Ms. Lander. Am I interrupting you?

W Oh, Peter, not at all. Come in and have a seat.

M Thank you for lending this book to me. It was really interesting.

W Was it? I thought you’d like it. By the way, how’s your report going?

M So far so good. Well, actually I came here to ask you a favor, Ms. Lander.

W Okay, just tell me what it is.

M I need to check out books for the report, but I lost my library card, and I need to apply for a new one.

W So you want me to sign your library card application, right?

M Yes, I need a reference.

W All right. Well, hand me the application form. Now try not to lose this one.

남 실례합니다,Lander선생님.제가방해됐나요? 여 아,Peter,전혀아니야.들어와서앉으렴. 남 이책을빌려주셔서감사합니다.정말흥미로웠어요. 여 그랬니?네가좋아할거라고생각했어.그런데보고서는어떻게되어가 고있니? 남 지금까지잘되어가고있습니다.저,실은부탁드릴것이있어서왔습니 다,Lander선생님. 여 좋아,뭔지말해보렴. 남 제가그보고서때문에책들을대출해야하는데도서관카드를분실했어 요.그래서새카드를신청해야합니다. 여 그럼내가네도서관카드신청서에서명해줬으면하는거구나,맞지? 남 네,신원보증인이필요해서요. 여 좋아.그럼내게그신청서를주렴.이제이번카드는잃어버리지않도록 하고. Solution 도서관 카드를 분실하고 새 카드를 신청하기 위한 신청서에 서명이 필요한 남자를위해여자는신원보증인으로서서명해주기로했으므로,여자가남 자를위해할일로는③이가장적절하다. Words

interrupt 방해하다 library card 도서관카드

apply for ~을신청하다 application 신청서


W Let’s not go there. I don’t even want to think about it.

M What happened? Was it terrible?

W I wouldn’t know because I didn’t see it.

M How come? Were all the tickets sold out?

W No, my friend had booked the tickets online.

M Then did you get stuck in traffic?

W There was a major traffic jam but I was lucky enough to get there on time.

M Then what was the problem?

W My friend told me to come to the Civic Theater, but I went to the Broadway Theater instead.

M Oh, no. Was your friend upset with you?

W She is still ignoring my phone calls, all thanks to my terrible memory. 남 안녕,Mandy?‘Chicago’어땠어?너그거보고싶어서몇주간기대 했잖아! 여 그얘기는하지말자.생각도하기싫어. 남 무슨일있었어?엉망이었어? 여 못봤으니무슨내용인지알수가없지. 남 어째서?표가매진이었어? 여 아니.내친구가표를온라인으로예매했거든. 남 그럼차가막혀서꼼짝못했어? 여 차는많이막혔지만다행히제시간에갔어. 남 그럼뭐가문제였던거야? 여 내친구가Civic극장으로오랬는데,글쎄나는Broadway극장으로 간거있지. 남 아,뭐야.네친구가너한테화냈어? 여 내형편없는기억력덕분에,그녀는아직도내전화를안받아. Solution 여자는공연장소를잘못알고다른극장으로가서공연을못봤다고말하고 있으므로,여자가공연을보지못한이유는④이다. Words

look forward to -ing ~을기대하다,기다리다

be sold out 매진되다 book 예약하다

get stuck 끼어서꼼짝못하게되다,갇히다 on time 제시간에

ignore 모르는체하다,무시하다




W Wow! This Mexican restaurant is so crowded.

M I love their “Taste of History” plate. It’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

W I thought it was just plain nachos.

M It’s far different from nachos served at other places. It’s prepared with multiple ingredients to make it a full meal. It’s covered in cheddar cheese, shredded olives, green peppers, ground beef, and salsa.

W I heard that nachos first originated in a small city in Mexico, just across the border from Texas.

M Yes, but the popularity of the dish swiftly spread throughout Texas.

W Can you choose the type of meat that goes with the dish?

M Absolutely. You can choose your own toppings. You could




M Good evening, Ms. Anderson. Can I pick up my clothes?

W Hi, Mr. Joyce. Yes, we have yours done.

M Thank you. How much did you say the dry cleaning costs?

W It’s 10 dollars per jacket and 5 dollars per pair of pants.

M I dropped off one jacket and two pairs of pants the other day.

W That’s right. Please wait a second. Let me find your clothes. Oh, here they are.

M Thanks. I also need to have this dress shirt ironed. Here it is. How much is it for ironing?

W Ironing for one dress shirt... then you only pay an extra 2 dollars.

M How long will it take to have it done?

W You can pick it up in an hour. Do you want me to deliver it?

M Yes, please. I need to go out now. How much do you charge for the delivery service?

W Usually one dollar but I’ll deliver them for free this time since you’re our regular customer.

M You are so kind! I’ll pay for it all now.

남 안녕하세요,Anderson부인.제옷을찾아가도될까요? 여 안녕하세요,Joyce씨.네,당신의옷들은다됐답니다. 남 고맙습니다.드라이클리닝하는데얼마라고하셨죠? 여 재킷은10달러이고바지는한벌에5달러랍니다. 남 며칠전에재킷한벌과바지두벌을맡겼어요. 여 맞습니다.잠깐만기다려주세요.손님의옷을찾아드릴게요.오,여기있 네요. 남 고맙습니다.이와이셔츠도다림질을해야됩니다.여기있어요.다림질 은얼마죠? 여 와이셔츠한벌다림질은…2달러만추가로내시면되겠네요. 남 다림질하는데얼마나걸릴까요? 여 한시간후에찾으러오시면됩니다.배달해드릴까요? 남 네,부탁드립니다.지금나가봐야하거든요.배달서비스는얼마인가요? 여 보통은1달러인데저희단골손님이시니이번에는무료로배달해드릴게 요. 남 너무친절하시네요!제가지금저옷들전부에대한비용을지불할게요. Solution 드라이클리닝은재킷10달러,바지5달러의요금을받는데재킷한벌과바 지두벌을맡겼으므로드라이클리닝의총비용은20달러이다.여기에와이 셔츠한벌의다림질비용인2달러만추가하고배달서비스비용인1달러는 무료이므로,남자가지불할금액은④‘22달러’이다. Words

pick up (맡긴물건을)찾다 drop off 맡겨두다

the other day 며칠전,지난번 dress shirt 와이셔츠

iron 다림질하다 extra 추가의 deliver 배달하다 

regular customer 단골손님




M Hi, Mandy. How was Chicago? You were looking forward to seeing it for weeks!


의개인적인공간과편안함속에서가장좋아하는영화를보실수있습 니다.여러분들에게즐겁고기억에남을만한방문이되도록도와드리기 위해다음의정보를알려드리겠습니다.먼저,알코올음료를반입할수 없고애완동물을데려올수없습니다.두번째로,외부음식을가지고오 는것도허용되지않습니다.자동차전용극장의주요수입원이매점판 매이니부디간단한음식은안에있는매점에서구매해주시기바랍니다. 극장안에서는특히아이들에대해서각별히조심하시면서천천히주의 해서운전해주십시오.10월은새로운회원가입의달입니다.이번달에 회원가입을하시면어떤영화든30퍼센트할인을해드리고무료팝콘 쿠폰을드리겠습니다. Solution 이번달에회원가입을하면어떤영화든30퍼센트할인을해주고무료팝 콘쿠폰을제공한다고했으므로,담화의내용과일치하지않는것은⑤이다. Words privacy 개인적자유,사생활 comfort 편안함,안락한상태 assist 돕다,거들다 memorable 기억할만한

alcoholic beverage 알코올음료 source of income 수입원

refreshment 간단한음식,다과 watchful 조심스러운,주의깊은

voucher 쿠폰,상품권




W Hi, Kevin. You look happy.

M Hi, Mirae. My parents are coming to Korea next Wednesday.

W You must be looking forward to seeing your parents.

M Right. I really want my parents to experience Korean culture. And, I’m searching for a good accommodation now.

W I’ll help you make a reservation. How about staying in Hanok? It is a traditional Korean house.

M That’s a good idea.

W How long are they going to stay?

M They will stay for 3 nights and 4 days.

W What kind of view would they like? There’s a mountain view and a city view.

M I think they’d want to see the night view of the city.

W Then, which do they prefer, an ondol room or a bedroom?

M I don’t think it would be easy for them to sleep in an ondol room because my parents always sleep in a bed.

W You’re right. It wouldn’t be easy for them to get used to an ondol room. All right. I’m done.

M Thank you, Mirae.

여 안녕,Kevin.기분이좋아보이는구나. 남 안녕,미래야.나의부모님이다음주수요일에한국에오시거든. 여 너는부모님을만나는것을고대하고있겠구나. 남 맞아.나는부모님이한국문화를경험하도록해드리고싶어.그래서지 금좋은숙박시설을찾고있지. 여 네가예약하는것을도와줄게.한옥에서머무르시는것은어때?그것은 전통적인한국집이야. 남 좋은생각이네. 여 그분들은얼마동안머무르시니? 남 3박4일동안머무르실거야. 여 부모님은 어떤 종류의 전망을 좋아하실까? 산이 보이는 전망과 도시가 보이는전망이있어.

order nachos topped with chicken, black beans, lettuce and tomatoes if you wanted.

W Nachos are also sold at other Mexican food franchises, right?

M Right. Among them, Taco Land is the most famous. Actually, there is one just around the corner.

W Next time, I should order the nachos there. I know they are high in calories but I can’t resist them.

M Same here. I’m starving! Let’s order our food.

여 어머나!이멕시칸음식점은정말손님이많구나. 남 나는이음식점의‘역사의맛’이라는메뉴가너무좋아.내가먹어본음 식중최고야. 여 난그저평범한나초인줄알았는데. 남 다른음식점에서나오는나초와는차원이달라.한끼식사가될정도로 여러가지재료를넣어서만들어.체더치즈,잘게썬올리브,피망,갈아 놓은쇠고기,그리고살사소스가덮여있어. 여 내가듣기로나초는텍사스에서국경바로너머있는멕시코의한작은 도시에서처음생겼다고하던데. 남 맞아.그런데이음식의인기는빠르게텍사스전역으로퍼졌지. 여 이음식에올라가는고기도(기호에따라)고를수있니? 남 그럼.토핑은직접고를수있어.네가원하면닭고기,검은콩,양상추와 토마토가올라간나초를주문할수도있어. 여 나초는다른프랜차이즈멕시칸음식점에서도팔지? 남 응.그중에서타코랜드가제일유명해.사실,이근처에하나가있어. 여 다음에는거기서나초를시켜봐야겠다.나초가열량이높은음식이라는 건알지만참을수가없어. 남 나도마찬가지야.배고프다!음식주문하자! Solution 나초의발생지,토핑재료,프랜차이즈의이름,열량에관해서는언급하였지 만조리법에관해서는언급하지않았으므로,나초에관해언급되지않은것 은③이다. Words

plain 평범한 ingredient (요리)재료 shredded 잘게조각난 

originate 비롯되다,유래하다 border 국경 swiftly 빨리,신속히 

top 위에놓다[얹다] franchise 프랜차이즈,체인점

just around the corner 바로가까이에 resist 참다,견디다




M Welcome to the Sunrise Drive-in Movie Theater. You can watch your favorite movies from the privacy and comfort of your car. We’ll let you know the following information to assist you in having an enjoyable and memorable visit. First, you cannot bring in any alcoholic beverages and no pets are allowed. Second, you are not allowed to bring outside food. The drive-in’s main source of income is its snack bar sales, so please buy your snacks from the refreshment stand inside. Drive slowly and carefully in the theater, keeping an extra watchful eye out for children. October is new membership month. If you join during this month, we’ll give you a 30 percent discount on any movie and a free popcorn voucher.




⑤의사선생님께서하루에적어도30분씩걸으라고말씀하셨어. Words

stroll 산책하다 be not up to ~할기분이아니다

stay up all night 밤을새우다 work out 운동하다




[Cellphone rings.]

M Hi, Lily. What’s up?

W I don’t want to bother you, but could you send me a fax?

M Okay, no problem. What do you need?

W Send me anything. I’m trying to figure out my new fax machine.

M Have you read the manual?

W No, I can’t find it anywhere.

M Okay. Wait a moment. [Pause] All right. I sent a photo. Are you receiving it?

W No, it’s not working.

M What model is the machine?

W Let me see. It’s IX600.

M I know the model. There could be a connection problem. Can you show me the cords in the back?

W Yes. I’ll take a picture of them and send it to you. [휴대전화가울린다.] 남 안녕,Lily.무슨일이니? 여 귀찮게하고싶지는않지만,팩스하나보내줄수있니? 남 좋아,괜찮아.필요한것이무엇이니? 여 무엇이든보내줘.새팩스기계를파악하려고하고있거든. 남 설명서를읽어봤니? 여 아니,그것을어디에서도찾을수가없어. 남 좋아.잠깐만.[잠시후]그래.사진을보냈어.받고있니? 여 아니,작동을안해. 남 그기계가어떤모델이니? 여 어디보자.IX600이야. 남 그모델을알아.연결문제가있을수있어.뒤쪽에있는선들을나에게 보여줄수있니? 여 응.그것들의사진을찍어서너에게보내줄게. Solution 여자가새로산팩스기계가제대로작동하지않아남자에게연락했고남자 가뒤에있는선들을보여줄수있는지를묻고있다.이에대한여자의응답 으로그것(선)들의사진을찍어서보내주겠다는⑤가가장적절하다. ①미안해.나는그기계를고치지못할것같아. ②괜찮아.너를위해서설명서를읽어줄수있어. ③고마워.나는그사진을인쇄할수있었어. ④물론.언제든지내팩스기계를사용해도돼. Words

bother 귀찮게하다 figure out 파악하다,이해하다 manual 설명서

work 작동하다 cord 선 남 나는부모님이도시의야경을보고싶어하실거라고생각해. 여 그러면,그분들은온돌방과침실방중에서어떤것을더선호하실까? 남 나의부모님은항상침대에서주무셨기때문에온돌방에서주무시는것 이쉬울것같지는않아. 여 맞아.그분들이온돌방에적응하기는쉽지않으실거야.좋아.다했어. 남 고마워,미래야. Solution 남자는부모님의숙소예약을위해한옥에서3박4일,도시의야경을원하 며,부모님은항상침대에서주무시기때문에온돌에서주무시는것이쉽지 않을것이라고했으므로,여자가예약을도와준숙소는④이다. Words

make a reservation 예약하다 accommodation 숙박시설

get used to ~에적응하다




M Excuse me. Can you help me find my seat?

W Sure. Can I see your ticket?

M Here it is. It says “I29.”

W Go down this aisle. It’s on your right.

남 실례합니다.제자리를찾는것을도와주실수있으세요? 여 물론이죠.표를보여주시겠어요? 남 여기있어요.‘I29’라고쓰여있어요. 여 이통로를따라가세요.오른쪽에있습니다. Solution 남자가여자에게좌석을찾는것을도와달라고요청하였고,남자가표를보 여주고있으므로여자의응답으로좌석의위치를설명하는④가가장적절 하다. ①먼저여권을보여주세요. ②휴대전화를꺼주세요. ③죄송합니다만,자리를바꿀수없습니다. ⑤비행기가곧출발합니다.안전벨트를매주세요. Words

seat 자리,좌석 ticket 표 aisle 통로 passport 여권

fasten one’s seat belt 안전벨트를매다




W Do you want to take a nice stroll by the river?

M To be honest, I’m not up to it. I’m not feeling well today.

W Is there anything wrong? What’s the matter?

M I stayed up all night yesterday.

여 강가에서멋진산책을하고싶니? 남 솔직히별로그러고싶지않아.오늘몸이좀안좋거든. 여 어디불편한데있어?무슨일이야? 남 어제밤을새웠거든. Solution 몸이안좋아서산책하고싶지않다는남자에게여자가몸이좋지않은원인 을묻고있다.이에대한남자의응답으로어제밤을새웠다고그이유를말 하는③이가장적절하다. ①맞아,말이되네.





W Wow, you look great, Dan! I didn’t expect that you’d look so good in a suit and tie.

M Thank you for saying so, but I feel uncomfortable in this.

W That’s just because you’re not used to wearing a formal suit.

M You know I’m always in a shirt and jeans. This is the first time wearing a suit and tie.

W Well, I like everything except just one thing.

M What is that?

W Look at your hair. It’s too long. Why don’t you get a trim before you go for an interview? You know how important it is to make a good first impression.

M Thank you for your advice. I’ll follow your suggestion.

여 와,정말멋져,Dan!난네가양복과넥타이가그렇게잘어울릴줄은예 상못했는데. 남 그렇게말해주니고맙기는하지만,이것을입으니불편하다. 여 그건네가정장을입는것에익숙하지않아서그럴뿐이야. 남 너도내가항상티셔츠와청바지차림인것을알잖아.양복을입고넥타 이를매어보는것은이번이처음이야. 여 음,한가지만빼고모든것이마음에들어. 남 그게뭔데? 여 네머리를좀봐.너무길잖아.면접을보러가기전에좀다듬는게어 때?너도첫인상이얼마나중요한지알고있잖아. 남 네충고고마워.너의제안을따를게. Solution 여자가면접을앞둔남자에게긴머리를다듬어서좋은첫인상을줄수있도 록제안하고있다.이에대한남자의응답으로여자의제안에동의하며그것 을따르겠다는④가가장적절하다. ①머리를다듬고싶어. ②난네가면접에서잘했다고생각해. ③신경쓰지마.난예전에입었던것을입을거야. ⑤무슨말인지알아.난다른곳에서직업을찾을거야. Words

formal suit 정장 get a trim (머리를)다듬다 

first impression 첫인상 do well on ~을잘하다,잘보다 

put on 입다 elsewhere 다른곳에서




M Laura and Fred live near each other and attend the same school. Every morning, they meet each other in front of Laura’s house and go to school together by bicycle. Fred usually gets up at 7 o’clock in the morning, but today the alarm clock doesn’t go off, so he gets up late. He realizes he will not make it to Laura’s house in time and she might be late for school because of him. He decides to call Laura and tell her to go to school, and not to worry about him. Fred calls her cellphone and Laura answers it. In this situation, what would Fred most likely say to Laura?

Fred I overslept. Don’t wait for me and just go ahead to school. 남 Laura와Fred는서로가까이살고있고같은학교에다닌다.매일아 침, 그들은Laura의 집 앞에서 만나 자전거를 타고 학교에 함께 간 다.Fred는 보통 아침7시에 일어나는데, 오늘은 알람 시계가 울리지 않아서 늦게 일어난다. 그는Laura의 집에 제시간에 가지 못할 것이 고Laura가자기때문에학교에늦을지도모른다는생각을한다.그는 Laura에게전화를해서자신은걱정하지말고학교에가라고말하기로 결정한다.Fred가그녀의휴대전화로전화를하고Laura가전화를받 는다.이러한상황에서,Fred는Laura에게뭐라고말할것같은가? Fred난늦잠을잤어.나를기다리지말고그냥학교에어서가. Solution 아침에늦잠을잔Fred는매일함께등교하는Laura에게전화해서학교에 먼저가라고말하려고한다.이상황에서Fred가Laura에게할말로자신 이늦잠을잤으니기다리지말고그냥학교에가라는⑤가가장적절하다. ①지금일어나는게나아,그렇지않으면늦을거야. ②지하철을타는대신에자전거를타자. ③늦어서미안해.난교통체증에걸렸어. ④지금부터알람시계를맞추는것을잊지마. Words go off (소리가)울리다 make it (장소에)이르다,도착하다 in time 제시간에





W Hello, I’m Julia Stiles, a professor of family medicine at Tolsa University. These days, modern people are not getting enough sleep due to stress at work and in society. So, I’m going to give a lecture on how to improve your quality of sleep. To improve your quality of sleep, you have to turn your bedroom into an oasis for sleep. The bed is a comfortable place to sleep and relax. Reading books before going to bed will not disturb your comfortable sleep. Instead, work stress, or even just thinking about it before bed, lowers the quality of sleep. Stress at work can reduce both the amount and quality of sleep. Using a cellphone in bed is also bad for your sleep. Watching TV keeps you from entering a deep sleep. Try to reduce any noise disturbance caused by pets or outdoor activities. You may consider keeping pets out of the bedroom or using white noise to reduce the disturbance caused by outdoor noise. Enjoy a healthy life with a healthy sleep rhythm.

여 안녕하세요, 저는Tolsa 대학교의 가정의학과 교수JuliaStiles입니 다.요즘,현대인들은직장과사회에서의스트레스로인하여충분한수면 을 취하지 못하고 있습니다. 따라서 저는 수면의 질을 향상하는 방법에 대한강연을하려고합니다.수면의질을향상하기위해서는침실을수면 의오아시스로만들어야합니다.침대는편안하게수면과휴식을취하는 장소입니다. 잠자리에 들기 전에 책을 읽는 것은 편안한 수면을 방해하 지않을것입니다.대신,업무에대한스트레스또는심지어자기전에그 것에대해생각하는것은수면의질을떨어뜨립니다.직장에서의스트레 스는수면의양과질을모두떨어뜨릴수있습니다.침대에서휴대전화를 사용하는것도수면에좋지않습니다.TV시청은숙면에들지못하게합 니다.반려동물이나외부의움직임으로인한어떤소음방해도줄이도록 하십시오.침실에반려동물이들어오지못하게하거나백색소음기를사 용하여외부의소음으로인한방해를줄이는것을고려할수도있습니다. 건강한수면리듬으로건강한삶을누리세요.


서아이들에게환경과그들이어떻게도울수있는지에관해서이야기합 니다.환경문제는점점더심각해지고있습니다.우리의미래에대하여 생각해본적이있습니까?환경동아리는긍정적인무엇인가를할수있 고동시에지도력을기를수있는훌륭한방법입니다.이것이오늘우리 동아리에가입해야할이유입니다.또한,동아리에가입하는것이여러분 을학교와인생에있어서성공으로이끌것입니다. Solution 환경동아리에대해소개하면서가입해야하는이유들에대해말하고있으므 로,남자가하는말의목적으로는②가가장적절하다. Words

president 회장,의장 environmental 환경의 organize 조직하다, 구성하다 leadership 지도력 succeed 성공하다




M Jenny, what are you reading?

W I’m reading a theory book on playing the violin.

M You’ve learned the violin for a long time. You also had a violin recital at school.

W Right. It was such a good memory.

M Your free style and passionate violin playing was pretty impressive.

W Thank you.

M But I’ve thought that performing freely is the most important thing in music. So I don’t understand why you’re reading a music theory book.

W Of course, free expression is important in music. But before that, the performance goes according to the rules.

M Hmm. I didn’t know you studied music theory so hard.

W Studying theory helps me understand the rules of performance and the composer’s intention.

M I see. I only thought that music should be free from any control.

W But, reading a music theory book can help improve my performance. 남 Jenny,너는무엇을읽고있니? 여 바이올린연주에대한이론서를읽고있어. 남 너는오랫동안바이올린을배워왔잖아.또학교에서바이올린연주회도 했고. 여 맞아.그것은정말좋은기억이었어. 남 너의자유롭고열정적인바이올린연주는매우인상적이었어. 여 고마워. 남 그런데나는자유롭게연주하는것이음악에서가장중요하다고생각했 어.그래서네가음악이론서를읽고있는것이이해가안돼. 여 물론,자유로운표현이음악에서중요하지.그러나그전에,연주는규칙 에따라진행되는거야. 남 음.나는네가그렇게열심히음악이론을공부했는지몰랐어. 여 이론을공부하는것은내가연주의규칙과작곡가의의도를이해하도록 도와줘. 남 알겠어.나는단지음악은어떠한통제에서자유로워야한다고생각했어. 여 그렇지만음악이론서를읽는것은나의연주를향상시켜줄수있어. Solution 여자는바이올린연주에대한음악이론서를읽고이론을공부하는것이연 주의규칙과작곡가의의도를이해하도록도와줘연주를향상시켜준다고했 Solution 16 담화초반부에수면의질을향상하는방법에대한강연을할것이라고말하 고있으므로,여자가하는말의주제로가장적절한것은②‘수면의질향상 벙법’이다. ①스트레스극복요령 ②수면의질향상방법 ③좋은관계를형성하는방법 ④좋은침대선택기준 ⑤운동을통한건강유지 17 수면의 질을 떨어뜨리는 요인으로 일의 스트레스, 침대에서 휴대전화 사용, TV 시청, 그리고 반려동물을 언급했으므로, 언급된 요인이 아닌 것은④ 이다. ①스트레스 ②휴대전화 ③TV ④빛 ⑤반려동물 Words

family medicine 가정의학 lecture 강연,강의 disturb 방해하다 

lower 낮추다 keep A from -ing A가~을못하게하다 

disturbance 방해  본문16쪽

실전 모의고사


01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17


 정답② Script

M Hello. I’m Lucas Benson. I’m the president of the environmental club. We talk about environmental problems, both around the world and right here in our community. But we don’t just talk. We take action. We organize recycling programs and mountain clean-ups. We also go around elementary schools and talk to kids about the environment and how they can help, too. The environmental problems are getting worse and worse. Have you thought about our future? The environmental club is a great way to do something positive and get leadership experience at the same time. These are some of the reasons to join us today. Also, joining will lead you to succeed in school and in life.

남 안녕하세요.저는LucasBenson이고,환경동아리의회장입니다.우 리는세계와우리지역사회의환경문제둘다에관해이야기합니다.그 러나우리는단지말만하지않습니다.행동도합니다.우리는재활용프 로그램과산의환경정화를조직합니다.우리는또한초등학교를방문해


M That’s right. She wanted the balloons so much.

W Do you remember that kickboard scooter next to you?

M Of course. We also rented it at a store in Korea. Kelly enjoyed riding it.

W There’s an old palace in the background.

M It is Gyeongbokgung Palace. I remember it because the name was unique.

W The two gatekeepers in front of the palace gate were impressive. They were wearing traditional Korean clothes.

M I’d like to visit there again.

여 여보,Kelly가그러는데수업시간에가족사진이필요하대요. 남 오,그래요? 여 내스마트폰에사진몇장이있어요.2년전에한국에서찍은이사진은 어때요? 남 한번봐요.그것이좋은기억들을떠오르게하네요. 여 맞아요.당신은그때한팔로Kelly를안고있었어요. 남 그때는그애가가벼웠죠.당신은풍선을들고있었네요. 여 그래요.우리는한국에서그애를위해그것을샀잖아요. 남 맞아요.그애는그풍선을무척원했어요. 여 당신은당신옆에있는킥보드스쿠터기억해요? 남 물론이죠.우리는한국의가게에서그것도빌렸죠.Kelly가그것을타기 를좋아했어요. 여 배경에오래된궁전이있어요. 남 그것은경복궁이에요.이름이독특해서나는그것을기억해요. 여 그궁전문앞에있는두명의문지기들은인상적이었어요.그들은전통 적인한국옷을입고있었어요. 남 다시그곳을방문하고싶네요. Solution 대화에서여자는남자옆에있는킥보드스쿠터를기억하는지를물어봤는데 그림에서는여자옆에있으므로,대화의내용과일치하지않는것은③이다. Words

bring back 기억나게하다 gatekeeper 문지기

traditional 전통적인


 정답⑤ Script [Cellphone rings.] M Hello? W Hello, Dad.

M What’s up, Karen?

W Dad, I think the color printer’s toner is low.

M Can’t you print anything in color?

W A warning message pops up on the computer screen and the printing is blurred.

M Then I’ll have to change the toner.

W Do you remember where you bought it?

M I ordered it online. If you tell me the serial number of the printer, I can order it now.

W Where can I check the serial number?

M It’s written on the back of the printer.

W Let me see. There’s a long series of letters and numbers.

M Yes, that’s it. Please take a picture of the serial number with your phone and send it to my phone. Then, I can order a new color toner online right away.

으므로,여자의의견으로가장적절한것은②이다. Words

recital 연주회 passionate 열정적인 impressive 인상적인

composer 작곡가 intention 의도




W Come on, Sahai. Have a seat.

M Thanks.

W How do you like your job so far?

M I love it. This is the kind of company I’ve always wanted to work for.

W I’m glad to hear that. This is your first job as a help desk technician, isn’t it?

M Yes, it is. I just finished my training about a month ago. You know, I came here from India a year ago. I’m still adjusting myself to the new environment.

W I know. I lived in Mexico and worked there for years, so I know how it feels to live and work in a new country. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. My door is always open.

M Thank you, ma’am. You are always kind to staff like me.

W My pleasure. It’s been nice meeting you.

여 어서오세요,Sahai.자리에앉으세요. 남 감사합니다. 여 지금까지일하는것은어때요? 남 아주좋습니다.이곳은제가항상일하기를원했던회사입니다. 여 그렇다니기쁘군요.지원부서의기술자로일하기는이번이처음이지요? 남 네,그렇습니다.저는약한달전에막훈련을끝냈습니다.제가일년 전에 인도에서 이곳으로 왔다는 것을 아실 겁니다. 저는 여전히 새로운 환경에적응중입니다. 여 알아요.나도멕시코에서살았고,몇년동안거기에서일했어요.그래서 새로운나라에서살면서일하는것이어떤기분인지알아요.내가도와줄 일이있으면알려주세요.제문은항상열려있어요. 남 감사합니다.당신은저와같은직원들에게항상친절하시네요. 여 천만에요.만나게되어반가웠습니다. Solution 지원부서의기술자로이제막일을시작한남자에게여자가일에잘적응하 고있는지묻고있으므로,두사람의관계로는⑤가가장적절하다. Words

so far 지금까지 help desk 지원부서 technician 기술자

adjust 적응하다




W Honey, Kelly said she needs a family photo for class.

M Oh, really?

W I have several pictures on my smartphone. How about this one taken in Korea two years ago?

M Let me see it. It brings back good memories.

W That’s right. You were holding Kelly with one arm then.

M She was light back then. You were holding some balloons.


여 네?저에게는너무비싸요.더싼것이있나요? 남 알겠습니다.얼마를쓸수있나요? 여 대략10달러정도요.돈을벌기위해지난주에아버지의세차를도와드 렸어요.이것이제가가진전부예요. 남 음.이것들은어때요? 여 그것들은정말예쁘지만가격표에20.88달러라고쓰여있네요.그리고 저는그만큼의돈을가지고있지않아요. 남 걱정하지마세요.이것들은할인판매중이에요.50퍼센트할인됩니다. 여 오,정말요? 남 네,그리고44센트를받지않을게요. 여 정말좋아요.매우감사해요.그것을살게요. Solution 어머니의 날 선물을 사려는 여자에게 남자는50퍼센트 할인 판매하는 20.88달러짜리귀걸이를추천하고할인된가격에서44센트는받지않겠다 고했으므로,여자가지불할금액은①10.00달러이다. Words

Mother’s Day 어머니의날 earn 벌다,얻다 price tag 가격표

be on sale 할인판매하다 charge 청구하다,부과하다




M What are you doing in the library? I haven’t seen you in ages.

W Hi, Minho. I’ve barely had enough time to keep up with all the things I have to do.

M What has kept you so busy?

W I’ve got a part-time job. I’m tutoring high school students. How about you?

M Actually, my dad has talked me into studying abroad this fall.

W Good for you. I’m glad you finally made up your mind to do it.

M To tell the truth, I don’t have much confidence. I’ve come here to cram for an English exam I’m taking before I fly to the U.S.

W I guess you need to study hard. I’ve got some books that might help. You’re more than welcome to borrow them anytime.

M Thanks. I’ll drop by sometime tomorrow if it’s okay.

W No problem. See you then.

남 도서관에서뭐하고있니?우리서로못본지정말오래됐다. 여 안녕,민호야.할일이많아서시간이없었어. 남 뭐때문에그렇게바빴니? 여 시간제일을하고있어.고등학생개인지도를하고있거든.너는어때? 남 사실,아빠의설득에넘어가서이번가을에유학을가게되었어. 여 잘됐구나.네가결국그렇게하기로결정을내렸다니기뻐. 남 사실은,자신이많이없어.미국에가기전에봐야하는영어시험대비를 위해벼락치기공부를하러여기에왔어. 여 공부를열심히해야겠구나.너에게도움이될만한책이몇권있는데.언 제든지빌려가도좋아. 남 고마워.괜찮으면내일쯤들를게. 여 그래.그럼그때봐. Solution 남자는미국으로유학을가기로결정했고,그전에봐야하는영어시험을대

W Okay, I’ll do that right now. [휴대전화가울린다.] 남 여보세요? 여 여보세요.아빠. 남 무슨일이니,Karen? 여 아빠,컬러프린터토너가부족한것같아요. 남 컬러로인쇄를할수없니? 여 컴퓨터화면에경고메시지가뜨고인쇄된종이가흐릿해요. 남 그러면,내가토너를바꿔야겠구나. 여 그것을어디에서구매했는지기억하세요? 남 나는그것을온라인으로주문했지.네가프린터의일련번호를알려주면, 그것을지금주문할수있어. 여 제가어디에서일련번호를확인할수있나요? 남 그것은프린터뒤에적혀있어. 여 볼게요.일련의긴글자들과숫자들이있네요. 남 응,바로그거야.네전화기로그일련번호를찍어서내전화기로보내주 렴.그러면,내가바로새로운컬러토너를온라인으로주문할수있어. 여 알겠어요.지금바로그렇게할게요. Solution 여자가전화로남자에게컬러프린터토너가부족하다고하자남자는프린터 뒤의 일련번호를 알면 주문할 수 있다고 하면서 여자에게 사진으로 찍어서 전송해줄것을부탁했으므로,여자가대화직후에할일로가장적절한것은 ⑤이다. Words

low (토너가)부족한 pop up 불쑥나타나다 blurred 흐릿한 

serial number 일련번호




M Hello. How may I help you?

W I’m looking for a Mother’s Day gift.

M Okay. How about getting your mother a pair of new earrings?

W How much are they?

M Oh, they are only $30.99.

W Huh? That’s too expensive for me. Do you have any cheaper ones?

M Okay. How much would you like to spend?

W Probably about ten dollars or so. I’ve been helping my father wash his car for the past week to earn some money. This is all I have.

M Hmm. How about these?

W Those are very pretty, but the price tag says $20.88. And I know I don’t have that much money.

M Don’t worry. They are on sale. They’re 50% off.

W Oh, really?

M Yes, and I won’t charge you 44 cents.

W That’s great. Thanks so much. I’ll take them.

남 안녕하세요.무엇을도와드릴까요?

여 저는어머니의날선물을찾고있어요.

남 그래요.어머니께새로나온귀걸이를사드리면어때요?

여 얼마예요?





W Hello, listeners. I am Jane Austen, the chairman of the organization in charge of the 9th Maryland Art Exhibition. It is an annual event held every year. It is famous for its diverse and excellent exhibits. In addition to the works of famous artists, this year we also plan to select and display works drawn by local residents. As a resident of Maryland, I hope many of you who are interested in art will participate. The exhibition will be held for the month of April, and the hours will be from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Maryland Philharmonic will perform on the first day of the exhibition. Admission is $10 for adults and $3 for children. Maryland residents can enter for free, but they have to show some form of ID with their addresses. I hope you can come and enjoy the beautiful artworks. Thank you. 여 안녕하세요,청취자여러분.저는제9회Maryland미술전시회를책임 진조직위원장JaneAusten입니다.그것은매년열리는연례행사로, 전시품의 다양성과 우수함으로 유명합니다. 유명 예술가들의 작품뿐만 아니라,올해저희들은지역주민들이직접그린작품들을선별하여전시 할계획입니다.Maryland주의주민으로서평상시예술에관심이있으 신많은분들의참여를바랍니다.전시회는4월한달간진행되며,시간 은오전10시부터오후6시까지입니다.Maryland필하모닉이전시회 첫날에공연을합니다.입장료는성인은10달러이고어린이는3달러입 니다.Maryland주민들은무료입장이지만,주소가적힌신분증을보 여주셔야합니다.여러분이오셔서아름다운예술품들을즐기시기를바 랍니다.감사합니다. Solution Maryland 미술 전시회에 대한 안내에서 여자는Maryland 필하모닉이 전시회첫날에공연을한다고했으므로,담화의내용과일치하지않는것은 ④이다. Words

in charge of ~을책임진 annual 연례의 exhibit 전시(회) 

artwork 예술품




W Hi, I’m looking for a baseball bat for my 9-year-old son.

M Okay. First, have a look at this list of baseball bats. Do you have any particular brand in mind?

W Anything is okay except Black Prime. He already has one of those, so I’d like something different.

M I understand. What kind of material do you want the bat to be made of ?

W Well... I heard that aluminum bats are easier to handle for young kids than wooden bats.

M That’s right. What’s your budget?

W I’m willing to spend a maximum of $50.

M What about this one? It’s a small size, and it usually fits 9-year-old boys.

W But my son is quite big for his age. He’s almost 150 centimeters tall.

비하기위해도서관에벼락치기공부를하러왔다고했으므로,남자가도서 관에온이유는⑤이다.


barely 거의~않다 keep up with ~을따라잡다

tutor 개인지도를하다 make up one’s mind 결정하다

cram for ~을대비해서벼락치기공부를하다




M There are so many birds here. But that one over there catches my eye.

W You mean the bird with the two black bands on its chest and neck?

M Right. It looks like the killdeer bird. What do you think?

W I think you’re right. I can tell because it’s making funny sounds.

M I heard that they make weird sounds because their throat muscles are not designed to make melodious notes.

W That’s interesting. But female killdeers are excellent mothers.

M Do they brood their own eggs?

W Yes. When a predator approaches the nest, the mother tries to distract the intruder by dragging one of her wings as if it were injured.

M Is that the famous “broken wing act?” That’s pretty smart.

W Exactly. Farmers are also very fond of killdeers.

M How do they help the farmers?

W Well, they catch insects that damage crops and feed them to their young in their nests.

남 여기정말새가많구나.그런데저쪽의저새가눈에띄네. 여 가슴과목에두개의검은줄무늬가있는새를말하는거니? 남 맞아.물떼새처럼보이는데.네생각은어때? 여 네말이맞는것같아.이상한울음소리를내는것을보니알것같아. 남 내가듣기로는저새들의목근육이듣기좋은음을내지못하도록되어 있어서이상한소리를낸대. 여 그거흥미롭구나.그런데암컷물떼새는모성애가강해. 남 그새들은자신의알들을직접품니? 여 응.포식자가둥지에접근하면,엄마물떼새는침입자의시선을분산시키 기위해마치부상당한것처럼한쪽날개를질질끌어. 남 그게그유명한‘부러진날개연기’니?꽤똑똑하네. 여 정확해.농부들역시물떼새를매우좋아해. 남 농부들에게어떤도움을주는데? 여 음, 농작물에 피해를 입히는 벌레를 잡아서 둥지에 있는 아기 새들에게 그것들을먹이로줘. Solution 포식자가침입했을때의물떼새의행동방식에대해서는언급하였지만포식 자의종류및특성에대해서는언급하지않았으므로,killdeerbird에관해 언급되지않은것은③이다. Words

catch one’s eye ~의시선을사로잡다 killdeer 물떼새의일종

weird 이상한,기묘한 melodious 듣기좋은,음악같은 

brood (새가알을)품다 predator 포식자

distract (주의를)딴데로돌리다,산만하게하다 intruder 침입자


M Is he? Then a small sized one won’t be a good fit for your son. It looks like there’s only one choice left.

W Yeah, you’re right. Okay, I’ll buy this one.

여 안녕하세요,제9살짜리아들에게줄야구배트를찾고있어요. 남 알겠습니다.먼저이야구배트목록을보세요.특별히마음에두고계신 상표가있나요? 여 BlackPrime만아니면다좋아요.이미그것들중하나를가지고있어 서다른것이면좋겠어요. 남 알겠습니다.어떤재질로만들어진배트를원하세요? 여 음…나무배트보다는알루미늄배트가어린아이들이다루기더쉽다고 들었어요. 남 맞아요.예산은얼마인가요? 여 최대50달러까지쓸생각이에요. 남 이배트는어떠세요?그것은소형인데일반적으로9살소년에게적합합 니다. 여 하지만제아들은나이에비해상당히커요.키가거의150센티미터예 요. 남 그래요?그렇다면소형배트는아드님께잘맞지않을거예요.이제선택 할것이한가지만남은것같군요. 여 네,맞아요.좋아요,이것을살게요. Solution 여자는BlackPrime를제외한야구배트중에서알루미늄재질로50달러 이하의소형이아닌것을골랐으므로,여자가구입할야구배트는②이다. Words particular 특정한,특별한 handle 다루다 budget 예산,(지출예상)비용 maximum 최대,최고  be willing to 기꺼이~하다 fit 맞다,적합하다


 정답⑤ Script

W Oh, Steve! Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you everywhere.

M I was in a meeting with a client.

W Could I talk with you for a minute? It won’t take long.

M Not now. I have to talk to my boss about the meeting.

여 오,Steve!어디있었어요?계속찾아다녔어요. 남 고객과미팅중이었는데요. 여 잠시이야기좀할수있을까요?오래걸리지는않을거예요. 남 지금은안되는데요.상사와미팅에관해얘기를해야해요. Solution 할 이야기가 있어 남자를 계속 찾아다니던 여자는 고객과 미팅 중이었다는 남자에게자신과잠시이야기할것을요청하고있다.이에대한남자의응답 으로는요청을거절하는⑤가가장적절하다. ①모든일에는때가있는법이에요. ②저는지금힘든시간을보내고있어요. ③당신의가장큰자산은시간이에요. ④시간은빠르게지나가요.시간을어떻게쓰느냐는당신에게달려있어요. Words client 고객,의뢰인 resource 자산,자원 be up to ~에달려있다


 정답⑤ Script

M You don’t look well. Is there anything wrong?

W I have a serious headache and a fever.

M I’m on my way to the pharmacy. Do you want me to get some medicine for you?

W Yes, please. Take this prescription with you.

남 몸이안좋아보여.무슨문제가있니? 여 머리가심하게아프고열이나. 남 나는약국으로가는중이야.내가대신약을좀사다줄까? 여 응,부탁해.이처방전을가져가. Solution 남자가몸이아픈여자에게대신약을사다주기를원하는지묻고있다.이에 대한여자의응답으로는사다줄것을부탁하며처방전을가져가라는⑤가 가장적절하다. ①맞아.나는병원에가봐야해. ②그약은너무강해.나는그것을싫어해. ③멀지않아.10분정도걸릴거야. ④네도움을고맙게생각해.태워줘서고마워. Words

fever 열 pharmacy 약국 medicine 약 prescription 처방전




M Did you enjoy your lunch? How about a cup of coffee?

W Great. Do you have any coffee shop in mind?

M My favorite local coffee shop is just a short walk from here.

W Mike, do you happen to know that a coffee shop is opening soon in our building?

M I saw a banner for Sunny Coffee Shop on the first floor.

W Right. It’s a very famous coffee chain.

M There are already three Sunny Coffee Shops in this neighborhood.

W That’s because their coffee is really good.

M But I prefer Together Coffee Shop we’re going to now. The local coffee shop has really represented this area. Unfortunately, it’s going to close next month.

W Oh, really? I didn’t know that.

M It’s because of the excessive rent.

W I used to go to the local coffee shop when I was a new employee. I’ll miss it.

M With the arrival of a coffee chain, this area is losing its uniqueness. 남 점심맛있게먹었어요?커피한잔어때요? 여 좋아요.생각해둔커피숍있어요? 남 여기서조금만걸어내려가면내가가장좋아하는동네커피숍이있어요. 여 Mike,혹시커피숍한곳이우리건물에곧개장한다는것을알고있어 요? 남 Sunny커피숍이1층에들어온다는현수막을봤어요. 여 맞아요.그것은매우유명한커피체인점이에요. 남 이미이주변에Sunny커피숍만3개나있어요.


여 네?골프하러가세요? 남 아니.너하와이에사는Clark삼촌알지.삼촌이오늘오셔서,공항에 그를태우러가야해. 여 우연의일치네요!아마우리가서로공항에서볼수도있겠어요. Solution 두 사람이 서로 사전에 약속하지 않았지만 우연히 둘 다 공항에 가야 하는 상황으로,남자는여자에게공항에삼촌을태우러가야한다고말하고있다. 이에대한여자의응답으로는우연의일치라며서로공항에서볼수도있겠 다는⑤가가장적절하다. ①정말친절하시네요!그에게감사의인사를전해주세요. ②유감이에요.그가우리와함께하지못해아쉬워요. ③놀라워요!그들이서로를아는지몰랐어요. ④좋은생각이에요!하와이에서즐거운시간을보냈으면좋겠어요. Words

plan on ~할예정이다 change one’s mind 생각을바꾸다

coincidence 우연의일치




M Seho is seeing Miso on the street. She looks so disappointed. When he saw her yesterday, she had been very confident about the final English test. She had lived in America for two years with her father and always got an A on every English test. Seho was always jealous of her. She thought the upcoming English test would be very easy. She watched a movie the night before the test. This time she only got 50 points. But Seho can’t believe Miso’s test score this time. So, Seho asks Miso why she blew her test. In this situation, what would Miso most likely say to Seho?

Miso I guess I was overconfident.

남 세호는길에서미소를만나고있다.그녀는몹시실망한표정이다.그가 어제그녀를만났을때그녀는기말영어시험에매우자신감이있었다. 그녀는아버지와미국에서2년간살았었고항상모든영어시험에서A 를받았었다.세호는항상그녀가부러웠다.그녀는이번영어시험도매 우쉬울것이라고생각했다.그녀는시험전날밤영화를보았다.이번에 그녀는영어시험에서겨우50점을받았다.그러나세호는미소의이번 시험점수를믿을수가없다.그래서세호는미소에게왜시험을망쳤는 지묻는다.이러한상황에서,미소는세호에게뭐라고말할것같은가? 미소 내가너무자만했나봐. Solution 평소영어시험에자신있어하던미소가기말영어시험을망치자,세호는 그이유를묻고있다.이상황에서미소가세호에게할말로는자신이너무 자만했다는②가가장적절하다. ①나는네가너무부러워. ③7시30분경에밖에서이야기하자. ④그는내가지금까지만나본최고의선생님이셔. ⑤힘내!다음에는더잘할거야. Words confident 자신감있는 jealous 부러운,시기하는  upcoming 다가오는,곧있을 blow (시험을)망치다,실패하다  overconfident 지나치게자신만만한 envious 부러워하는 여 그것은그들의커피가정말맛있기때문이죠. 남 하지만나는우리가지금가고있는Together커피숍이더좋아요.그 동네커피숍은정말로이거리를대표해왔죠.불행히도,다음달에문을 닫는대요. 여 오,그래요?그것은몰랐네요. 남 비싼임대료때문이에요. 여 내가신입사원때그동네커피숍에가곤했어요.나는그곳이그리울거 예요. 남 커피체인점이들어오면서,이지역이그독특함을잃어가고있어요. Solution 커피숍을찾던두사람이지역을대표했던동네커피숍이비싼임대료때문 에문을닫고유명한커피체인점이들어온다는이야기를나눈다.그동네커 피숍이그리울것이라는여자의마지막말에가장적절한남자의응답은커 피체인점이들어오면서지역이독특함을잃어간다는⑤이다. ①그큰커피숍은자기네커피를정말잘홍보해요. ②카페인이들어간커피대신차를마시는것은어떨까요? ③Sunny커피숍이인기를끌고있는것은당연해요. ④지역커피숍들은품질이떨어져경쟁력을잃어가고있어요. Words

banner 현수막 prefer 선호하다 represent 대표하다

excessive 과도한 promote 홍보하다 caffeinated 카페인이함유된

competitiveness 경쟁력 uniqueness 독특함




[Cellphone rings.]

W Hi, Dad.

M Hi, Emily, what’s up?

W I called you to let you know that there’s been a change in plans.

M What change?

W Haven’t you heard from Mom? Mike and I were planning on visiting you, but we can’t.

M Oh, sure. She told me that. What changed your mind?

W Mike’s aunt is coming from Korea, so we have to go to the airport to pick her up. I’m so sorry, Dad.

M That’s fine, sweetie. Actually, I won’t be home today anyway.

W Oh? Are you playing golf ?

M No. You know Uncle Clark in Hawaii. He’s coming today, so I have to go to the airport to pick him up.

W What a coincidence! Maybe we can see each other at the airport. [휴대전화가울린다.] 여 안녕하세요,아빠. 남 안녕,Emily.무슨일이니? 여 계획에변화가있다고말씀드리려고전화했어요. 남 무슨변화? 여 엄마에게 못 들으셨어요?Mike와 제가 찾아뵈려고 했지만, 그럴 수가 없어요. 남 오,물론.엄마가그이야기했지.왜생각이바뀌었니? 여 Mike의숙모가한국에서오셔서저희가그분을태우러공항에가야해 요.정말죄송해요,아빠. 남 괜찮다,얘야.사실,나도오늘집에있지않거든.



실전 모의고사


01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17


 정답⑤ Script

M I know all of you here have someone who is suffering from lung cancer. We have some good news. After more than three years of effort, we at the Saint Maria Hospital, have developed new medicine for cancer. This medicine has proven to get rid of cancer cells effectively according to test results from about a thousand cancer patients. The medicine will be on the market in a year. We are sure it will be a great help to you and your family.

남 여기있는여러분모두는폐암으로인해고통받는누군가를알것이라 고생각합니다.저희는여러분들에게좋은소식을전해드리려고합니다. 3년이넘는노력끝에,저희SaintMaria병원에서는암치료를위한 신약을개발했습니다.약1,000명의암환자에대한검사결과에따르 면,이약은암세포를효과적으로없애는것으로밝혀졌습니다.1년안에 이 약은 시판될 것입니다. 저희는 이 약이 여러분과 여러분의 가족에게 큰도움이될것이라고확신합니다. Solution 병원에서개발한암치료신약에대한소식을전하고있으므로,남자가하는 말의목적으로는⑤가가장적절하다. Words

suffer from ~으로고통받다 lung cancer 폐암 effort 노력

get rid of 없애다,제거하다 cell 세포 according to ~에따르면




M I have already had ten interviews but no job offers. What do you think I am doing wrong?

W Well, let’s find out. Do you remember to take a copy of your résumé?

M Yes. As a matter of fact, I always bring an extra copy of my résumé and a list of references.

W Then do you review the company’s website or research the company to see what other information is available online?

M Umm... no? Is that really necessary?

W I think I know what you are doing wrong! It is very important to gather background information about the company before the interview.

M But why? I will find out anyway once I start working there.

W Don’t be silly! Interviewers often ask questions related to their company.






W Are you planning a camping trip during the summer vacation? There’s nothing better than having healthy meals and snacks. Let me tell you the best way to pack your cooler to keep your foods deliciously fresh. First, put everything you plan on taking with your camping trip in the fridge the night before your trip. Second, pack your cooler right. Start by adding solid bags of ice to cover the entire base of the cooler. Place frozen foods and raw meat on the bottom, directly on the ice packs. Next, layer in fresh food. Food that doesn’t require any refrigeration, such as nuts and fresh fruits, can go on top. Store fresh eggs, still in their carton, in the center of your cooler. Fill the rest of the cooler with as many ice packs as you can fit. Remember to keep your cooler out of the sun as much as possible. With these fresh tips, you’ll be eating well for your entire camping trip.

여 당신은여름방학동안캠핑여행을계획하고있습니까?건강한식사와 간식을먹는것만큼좋은것은없습니다.여러분에게식품을맛있게,신 선하게보관하기위해냉장박스를꾸리는가장좋은방법을말씀드리겠 습니다.먼저캠핑여행에가져가려고계획하는모든것을여행전날냉 장고에넣어두세요.둘째로,냉장박스를올바르게채워넣으세요.냉장 박스의아랫부분전체에단단한얼음주머니를넣는것으로시작하세요. 냉동음식과익히지않은고기를아이스팩바로위인바닥에놓으세요. 다음으로신선식품을겹겹이놓습니다.견과류나신선한과일과같이냉 장을 필요로 하지 않는 음식은 맨 위에 둘 수 있습니다. 신선한 달걀을 상자에있는채로냉장박스의중앙에보관하세요.냉장박스의남은부 분을들어가는한최대한많은아이스팩으로채우세요.최대한냉장박 스를햇빛이닿지않는곳에두는것을기억하세요.이와같은신선한조 언으로당신은캠핑여행내내잘먹을것입니다. Solution 16 여자는캠핑여행에서음식을신선하게보관하기위해냉장박스를준비하고 꾸리는가장좋은방법을음식의예를하나씩들어가며설명하고있으므로, 여자가하는말의주제로는⑤가가장적절하다. ①캠핑여행을위한쉬운요리법 ②식중독의증상과치료법 ③깨끗하고안전한캠핑장소를찾는요령 ④캠핑시음식물쓰레기처리방법 ⑤식품을신선하게보관하기위해캠핑냉장박스를꾸리는방법 17 냉장박스를꾸리는방법을소개하며생선에관해서는언급하지않았으므로, 언급되지않은것은④이다. ①고기 ②견과류 ③과일 ④생선 ⑤달걀 Words

pack (짐을)꾸리다,싸다 fridge 냉장고 entire 전체의

base 맨아래부분 layer 겹겹이놓다,쌓다 refrigeration 냉장,냉동


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If a path is possible (i.e. , has positive probability), we want the hedge to work along that path. The actual value of the probability is irrelevant. There are no

The “Asset Allocation” portfolio assumes the following weights: 25% in the S&P 500, 10% in the Russell 2000, 15% in the MSCI EAFE, 5% in the MSCI EME, 25% in the

W Well, I like to discuss things with others, but I don’t think I’m fluent enough to take the class.. M Actually, the brochure says the class

– Treat wastewater before it is discharged to maintain the water quality of the natural waters for the benefit of humans and aquatic ecosystem. • Wastewater management goal

Protecting the aquatic ecosystem in the water body Recover water and resources from wastewater and. produce renewable energy using wastewater constituents.. • So, the goal

M: But that’s not going to make the grade I got today any better.. ② W: Thank you so much

Unit 2. I have to go to the hospital on June 30th. He told me to rest in bed and drink warm water as often as possible... avoid soda pop as much as possible.. a) The doctor told

□ The least-upper-bound property (sometimes called completeness or supremum property) is a fundamental property of the real number system. The least-upper-bound