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What is International

Business English?



Business English

Business English


Exchange of goods and services

across national boundaries

Trade operations of both

import and export

Purchase and sale of both visible


Business between nations

Agencies and companies concerned with trade

Obedience to laws and regulations of countries related


Agencies supporting import

and export

- Center of export support, Korea Small and Medium Business Administration


- Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Korea International Trade Association

- Korea Customs Service

- Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation

- Korean Commercial Arbitration Board


Agencies concerned with the business of import and export

- Customs - Shipping companies - Airliners - Forwarders - Customs brokers


Financial agencies concerned with import and export

- Foreign exchange banks

- Korea Export-Import Bank (KEXIM) - Korea Trade Insurance Corporation - Insurance companies


to familiarize yourselves with

international trade, you need to understand its flow

Flow of business

Flow of freight

Flow of documents Flow of money


English used in international trade

English Technical terms

Documents and contracts


Importance of business letters

can lead to a good or positive result

can lead to success or failure of


7 C’s correct concise clear complete courtesy consider ation concrete


Sentences must be correct

(1) grammar (2) vocabulary (3) spelling (4) punctuation (5) capitalization


However we do business and we’ve never started arranging product

without getting a L/C

Find and correct five mistakes


Your jacket of ML-2001 turned out a little bit high in price while ML- 1001 turned out acceptable. we’d

like to ask you to cut down the price for that item to U$18.

How can you make these sentences better for a business letter?


Business letters should be

drawn up

as concisely as


within the range of

what you have to convey

▶ must know

what to say


what to leave unsaid


Clearly express what to say

to avoid causing


- Avoid using ambiguous

expressions that can make a

reader of the letter confused.


You have to say in a concrete


- You have to let a reader of the

letter know what you want to

say in a concrete way.


You have to include all the

things that you need to say in

the letter regarding a given


Especially about the inquiry

you received



You have to say in polite


- Avoid using expressions that

can make a reader of the


You have to be considerate.

- Sometimes you need to put

yourself in the shoes of


Full block form

■ top of the letter

(1) sender (2) reader (3) date


(5) Salutation: Dear Sirs, (Gentlemen)


(6) Body


(7) Complimentary close:

Sincerely yours, Truly yours, Best regards,


(8) Name, the name of team company’s name

company’s address


From: Jo, Heungcheol

To: Lauren Clark

Date: March 13, 2017

Subject: Market Survey

(or, Re: Market Survey)



Best regards,

Jo, Heungcheol, GSIS

Pusan National University

33, Geumsam-Ro, 5 Gil, Geumjeong-Gu Busan, South Korea




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