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Academic year: 2021

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*암통계: 2005년도 보고서


• 발생율: 2,905명/년(2.0%, 12위), 남/녀:2,331/574



• Epidemiology: smoking

• Treatment

– Superficial: intravesical BCG

– Invasive: cystectomy± systemic chemotx – metastatic:etastat c:

• Curative or palliative • Adjuvant, neoadjuvant



• 발생율: 2,299명/년 (1.6%), 남/녀: 1,569 /730명 • 항암화학요법에 반응을 잘 안한다

• 생물학적치료(면역치료 등)에 반응을 한다

– Interferon alpha, interleukin-2

• 자연적으로 치유되기도 한다

신장암의 병기와 예후

병기 내용 5년 생존율

병기 내용 5년 생존율

1기 Confined to kidney 66%

2기 Invade renal capsule, confined to

Gerota fascia


3기 Involve renal vein/vena cava, hilar

lymph node

42% lymph node

4기 Invade adjacent organs or distant



신장암의 치료

• Localized tumor: stage I, II and selected III

– radical nephrectomy

• Advanced disease

C i

– Cytotoxic chemotherapy: rare response – Immunotherapy

• Interferon alpha & IL-2: 10-20% response

– Surgery

• Control pain, bleeding

• Metastatectomy: solitary or CNS

– Observation only

• Stable disease: 10% > 12 months • Stable disease: 10%, > 12 months • Spontaneous regression

– Experimental treatment

• Allogenic stem cell transplantation

– New agents

• Tyrosine kinase inhibitors, VEGF inhibitor(multi-targeted)

– Sunitinib, Sorafenib(40% response rate)

Regression of metastatic Renal-Cell Carcinoma after







CR(3)+PR(7): 10/19(53%)


Molecular Pathways & Targeted Therapies in RCC





Therapeutic Targets in Renal Cell Carcinoma

Sorafenib Axitinib Sorafenib Sunitinib Akt/PKB PI3K Raf MEK VEGFR-2 P P P P Vascular Vascular endothelial cell

plasma membrane

Rini B, et al. J Clin Oncl. 2005;23:1028-1043.

p38MAPK Erk P P permeability Endothelial cell survival Endothelial cell migration Endothelial cell proliferation

Sunitinib vs Interferon alfa in metastatic renal cell carcinoma


Sorafenib in advanced clear cell renal cell carcinoma N Engl J Med 2007;356:125-134 CR PR SD Sorafenib,N=451 1(<1%) 43(10%) 333(74%) Placebo, N=452 0 8(2%) 239(53%) HR:0.44, 95% CI 0.35-0.55; P<0.01


• 발생율: 3,487명/년(2.4%)

(2005년통계) – 한국남자암발생 5위 (4 5%)한국남자암발생 5위 (4.5%)

• Clinical states

– 1ststate: no cancer diagnosis: benign hyperplasia, family history

– 2ndstate: confined to the gland

– 3rdstate: rising PSA level after surgery or radiation

– 4thstate: detectable metastasis who have not undergone castration

5thstate: detectable metastasis who have had castration


원발 부위별 발생등록분율(성별)



Clincally localized disease

• Treatment modalities

– Radical surgery – Radiation therapy – Active surveillance

• Monitoring illness at fixed interval with no treatment • 10 year survival rate

– Radical prostatectomy 93%, RT 74%, surveillance 84%

• Case selection is critical

– Elderly men, well-differentiated tumors

• Consideration factor for choice of therapy

– Presence of symptoms

– Probability of adverse affectto untreated patient during lifetime

C bili b i l d li h b h l l & i

– Curabilityby single-modality threapy or both local & systemic therapy

• Primary outcomes

– Cancer control& treatment related morbidities

• Continence, sexual potency, bowel function

• Prognostic model



Rising PSA

• Definition:

– Rising PSA after surgery and/or radiation

No evidence of disease on scan

– No evidence of disease on scan

• Central issue

– Persistent disease in primary site or systemic disease

• Localized disease

– Radiation, Salvage prostatectomy

• Systemic disease

• Systemic disease

– Immediate therapy is not always required

• Median time to metastatic progression: 8 yrs • Free of metastases at 5 yrs: 63%

– Prognositc factors:

• Gleason grade of primary tumo, time to recurrence, PSA doubling times


Metastatic disease

• Noncastrate

Surgical orchiectomy – Surgical orchiectomy – Medical orchiectomy

• Testosterone lowering agents

– GnRH analogue: » leuprolide, goserelin

– Estrogen(diethylstilbestrol), progestational agents

• Antiandrogen

Fl t id bi l t id il t id – Flutamide, bicalutamide, nilutamide

• Castrate

– Discontinue all hormonal therapy: withdrawal response

– 2nd-3rdline hormone therapy



• Origin: primordial germ cells

• Origin: primordial germ cells

• Extragonadal

– Mediastinum, retroperitoneum, pineal gland

• Disease of young age

– 호발연령: 20-40세

백인 흑인

• 백인>흑인

• 호발지역: Scandinavia, New Zealand

• 발생율: 148명/년(한국남성암의 0.2%)

Etiology & Genetics

• Cryptorchidism

• Testicular feminization syndrome


• Klinefelter’s syndrome

– Mediastinal tumor

• Incidence of another testis: 2%

• Chromosome 12

– Excess copy number, i(12p)

• Tumor marker

– AFP: nonseminoma

– hCG: seminoma, nonseminoma – LDH


Treatment (1)

• Stage I, nonseminoma

– Orchiectomy

– Nerve sparing RPLND

• vascular/lymphatic invasion or extends into tunica,

spermatic cord, scrotum(T2-4) – Surveillance

• No vascular/lymphatic invasion(T1)

– Cure rate: > 95%




• Stage II, nonseminoma

– Modified bilateral RPLND

– High-volume(> 6 nodes, > 2cm node)

• 2 cycles of adjuvant chemotherapy

– Cure rate: > 98%

Treatment (2)

• Stage I & II seminoma

– Inguinal orchiectomy & retroperitoneal radiation

C 98%

– Cure rate: 98%

• Advanced GCT

– Stage IIc & stage III

– Chemotherapy: cisplatin containing – Cure rate: 70-80%

• Salvage chemotherapy

– 2ndline chemotherapy

• Cure rate: 25%

– High dose chemotherapy & stem cell support

• Post-treatment complication


Ovarian Cancer

Incidence, Epidemiology, Etiology

• Pathologic classification

– Epithelial, stromal, germ cell tumor • 발생율: 1,544명/년(여성암 2.4%, 10위)

• Peak age: eighth decade

• Risk factors

– Infertility, nulliparity, frequent miscarriages, use of ovulation-inducing drugs(clomiphene)

– Reducing factor: pregnancy, breast feeding, oral contraceptive

• Familial syndrome

– Hereditary breast/ovarian cancer

• BRCA1&2 mutation

– Lynch type II cancer family syndrome


원발 부위별 발생등록분율(성별)


Diagnosis, Screening, Pathology

• Routine pelvic examination

• CA125

– Postmenopausal women, asymptomatic pelvic mass,

CA125 ≥ 65U/ml

• Screening

– Annual pelvic examination, transvaginal ultrasound, CA125 in family history of ovarian cancer

CA125 in family history of ovarian cancer

• Subtype of common epithelial tumors

– Serous(50%), mucinous(25%), endometroid(15%), clear cell(5%), Brenner tumors(1%)


Staging, Prognostic factors

• Staging laparotomy

– Manual inspection of diaphragm, peritoneal surfaces, total abdominal hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, partial omentectomy

• 5-year survival

– Stage I(90%), II(70%), III(15-20%), IV(1-5%)


i f

• Prognostic factors

– Residual disease, histologic grade, decline of CA125 – Expression of p53, EGFR

Treatment (1)

• Stage I&II, microscopic or no residual disease

– Stage I, no residuals, well/moderately differentiated:

• no adjuvant therapyno adjuvant therapy

– Stage I with poor histologic grade, stage II:

• adjuvant therapy (cisplatin based chemotherapy or

total-abdominal irradiation)

• Stage III, minimal residual tumor (<1cm)

– Combination chemotherapy (cisplatin, paclitaxel) – CR: 40-50%CR: 40 50%

• Advanced disease(Stage III, IV), bulky residual


– Combination chemotherapy followed by cytoreductive surgery


Treatment (2)

• Second-look laparotomy

• Maintenance therapy

• Recurred disease

– Not curable – Palliative surgery

– Disease-free interval: > 6 months

• Reinduction with same regimen

• Intraperitoneal chemotherapy

– Small residual volume (<1 cm3)

• New drugs

– topotecan, gemcitabine, liposomal doxorubicin, – bevacizumab


• 발생율: 3,737명/년 (여성암 5.7%, 6위)



• Stage 0 (carcinoma in situ)

– Cone biopsy, abdominal hysterectomy

• Stage IAStage IA

– Total or vaginal hysterectomy

• Stage IB-IIA

– Radical hysterectomy, Radiation therapy

• Stage IIB – IVA

– Radical radiation

– Concurrent chemoradiotherapy

• Platinum based chemotherapy • 30-50% risk reduction

• Unresectable advanced/Recurrent

– Palliative chemothx: cisplatin, 5-FU, irinotecan – Response of combination chemotherapy: 50-60%


관련 문서

Supporting document that proves the family relationship in case of the family accompanied duty (Submit an original copy issued by the concerned government))..

KRIHS seeks to promote territorial policies based on long-term projects concerning: balanced national development in the era of low economic growth and depopulation;

KRIHS performs a wide range of research on land use and conservation, urban and regional planning, housing and land policies, transport- ation, construction

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LTP700WV-F01 is a TMR(Transmissive with Micro Reflective) type color active matrix TFT (Thin Film Transistor) liquid crystal display (LCD) that uses amorphous silicon TFT as

 He argued that the medieval Catholic Church was an esse ntial factor in the rise of European civilization, and wrote extensively in support of that thesis...  He received

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In view of the essential relevance of mission in history (and not only in the history of religion), on the one hand, and in theology (and not only in missiology),

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Patients with breast cancer; ovarian cancer; renal cell carcinoma; pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer; colorectal cancer; head and neck cancer; non-small cell lung

• In selected situations (recurrent, unusual site, younger age, family history), thrombophilic testing might guide therapeutic decision-making and long- term patient care

Segment Construction: form setting (2 days), rebar and formwork (3 days), concrete placement (1 day), Curing and tensioning (4 days), Form Traveler detachment (2 days)

In order to criminalize the failure to fulfill family obligations, provisions concerning obligations to support family in Korean Civil Law should be

• CRI is a relative measure of the colorimetric shift of an object when lit by a particular light source, compared with how the object would appear under a reference light source

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Although large-scale genomic characterizations of ovarian, uterine, and cervical cancers have been profiled by The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Research Network

Anti-cancer effect to EOC cells was identified both in vitro and in vivo including PDX models in water soluble form of FZ-PLGA-NPs.. FZ-PLGA-NPs induced

To further verify whether PRMT5 regulates the protein stability of KLF4 in chemoresistant ovarian cancer cells, I treated cells with a proteasome inhibitor MG132.. The

of KIF16B knockdown cells. β-actin was used as internal loading control... Knockdown of KIF16B inhibited proliferation ability in lung cancer cells. Next, we wondered whether

훈민정음의제자원리 모음( 모음 (음양이론 음양이론) ) 훈민정음의제자원리 모음(음양이론) 훈민정음의제자원리. 훈민정음의제자원리 모음

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